A woman who stands as one of the most talented and promising actress in the world of Hollywood, a woman with astonishing beauty and sensational acting abilities, Gina Philips is really an icon to be praised for her sensational work and efforts. Gina Philips is an American actress born on May 10, 1970. 44 years aged actress Gina was born in Miami Beach, Florida. Gina Philips was named Gina Consolo in her birth. As known, she is well known as Gina Philips on and off the work. Gina Philips shelters gifted ability and talents. She has been able to sketch a considerable place in the vast world of Hollywood and credit to it goes to her dedication and hard work of years as she has been serving the world of movies since the year 1992.

Super talented and super beautiful Gina Philips has been part of various movies and television shows in her long and successful career. Gina Philips astonishing work in All McBeal , Jeepers Creepers, Love and Debate, The Anarchist Cookbook, Dead and Breakfast and The Sick House has been appreciated by her fans and critics all around the globe. She has been serving her profession with equal dedication and determination, like she used to do in her early steps in the industry.  Expanding her horizon of success utilizing her abilities and talent she has drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of Hollywood. The determination of years has made her stand in the social and economic position she is today. She stands as a role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. She sets a perfect example than the success holds no other shortcuts than hard work. Dedicated from her very early days, now she stands as an economically well-established actress holding the handsome amount of net worth. Her income from her various movies and television shows is the major source of her economic prosperity.

Gina Philips has been part of various movies and television shows in her long and successful career and some of them to be mentioned are:

When the Bough Breaks of 1993, Love, Honor & Obey: The Mafia Marriage of 1993, Rave, Dancing to a Different Beat of 1994, Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg of 1994, Breaking Free of 1995, Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare of 1995, No Grater Love of 1996, Unforgivable of 1996, Her Costly Affair of 1996, Her Costly Affair of 1996, Born Into Exile of 1997, The Advocate’s Devil of 1997, Bella Mafia of 1997, Telling You of 1998, Living Out Loud of 1998, Nailed of 2001, Jeepers Creepers of 2001, The Anarchist Cookbook of 2002, Something More of 2003, Sam and Joe of 2003, Dead and Breakfast of 2003, Jennifer’s Shadow of 2004, Ring Around the Rosie of 2006, Thanks to Gravity of 2006, Dark Memories of 2006, The Sick House of 2007, The Baby Is Missing of 2007 and Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral of 2015.

TV Series:

Growing Pains, Blossom, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Silk Stalkings, Strange Luck and many others.

She has been part of various other TV series which can be studied in detail in wiki along with her bio. She too can be followed in various social networking sites. Challenging her own abilities and expanding her horizon of working, Gina Philips has pushed herself to the height of success she stands today through the dedication and hard work of years. She stands as one of the most successful actresses in the world of Hollywood. Her acting and versatility to serve various roles really makes her a sensational actress. Supported by her beautiful face and hot body figure, she is really an astonishing actress with gifted abilities and skills. She has gained centuries worth success just as the age of 44.