Eugene Cyril Smith III known as Geno Smith on the field was born in October 10, 1990. He is an American footballer who plays for the New York Jets affiliated to the National Football League. He has earned a distinguished respect in his short career span as he had been taken into the team in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He used to be a football player in the West Virginia University. He was born in Miami, Florida who is the son of Geno Smith, Jr. and Tracey Sellers. His relatives like his uncle and his cousin were also engaged in the sports career. He used to go to Norland Middle School for the instruction of arts. He would then focus on Miramar High School. He met his coach, Mountaineer Damon Cogdell there. Smith was an active boy where he earned the title Second Team All-Broward County. He earned that name through athlete in 2007.

When smith was in his senior season he got his team 6A to the semi-finals and accomplished 205 out of 338 passes which was for 3089 yards along with 30 touchdowns while he was heading over for 300 yards. Due to his enthusiasm and his spirit he was rated as no.1 player. His skills were sole and extraordinary. He achieved the third best passer which led his career into a bright direction. This got him in the top 150 prospects list which was listed by ESPN. There were many offers that could have led him to the peak success but he chose west Virginia. His first season game was against Auburn University where he had played bizarre and beautifully. It was his freshman season and finished it with 81.1 quarteback rating. Later while he was on his progressive roads during the junior season, he found out that his passing numbers had been improvised as the head coach made a new offensive passing based method. The season’s fourth game against LSU Tigers, he set records for 38 completions, 65 attempts and passing yards number was 463. During his time in the senior season he was the school’s unsurpassed head in his team. His final season regular game was much beneficial for him. West Virginia got victory against Kansas with the final points of 59-10. He broke the record which was held by Chase Daniel. Chase was from Missouri and got the record in 2008. His professional career began when he received an invitation where the scouts had received his performance. The scout complemented about his athletic speciality and his firm arm but commented about his placement of the ball. Smith was accused of not handling the draft process which made him fall out of the first round and later he got signed by the Jets in the second round as they could not make up a trade. His stats of the gameplay shows all the positive outcomes as he is regarded as one of the star players.

Geno Smith has a height of 6 ft and 3 inches having a 100 kgs. He is a Christian and has a lot of faith in god. He is said to be dating Kristen Stubbs. Although the news is not acceptable, a lot of fans have spotted him being with his girlfriend. His career has climbed up the stairs to success. His career has been the most aspiring as his determination to the game is not seen in most of the active players around. Hence he has been placed in the well ranking position by different media and other sports related media too. There are lots of fans of Geno Smith whom  they love to see him on the play field. His bio can be searched in the wiki and other search engines while he can be followed in twitter as he keeps it updated.