Geneviève Bujold is one of the famous versatile actress. She is a Canadian actress who is very energetic and confident. This beautiful Canadian actress was born in 1942 July 1. She is active in her profession from 1954 to present. Because of her patient to the work, she is able to win the hearts of many fans. She is the inspirational actress of many newcomers actress. Her contribution in Canadian Film Industry is very precious. She is the flexible and a versatile Canadian actress. She was born in the place name Montreal, Quebec. She is the daughter of Laurette and Joseph Bujold. Her father profession is a bus driver. She belongs to middle class family. She is a French Canadian girl. She gets her education from the Montreal conservatory of dramatic art. This helps her to sharpen her career and also gave base of the acting. She also gets a strict convent education for 12 years. He has a spouse name Paul Almond. They also have a child whose name is Matt Almond. Matt Almond was born in 1968.

Geneviève Bujold is a gorgeous Canadian actress. She has a brown gorgeous eye with pale complexion. He has a light brown hair and an attractive body. She is able to maintain her body. She speaks Canadian accent and iris accent.

Geneviève Bujold first appears on the stage show Le BarBier De Seeville in 1962. It was her first stage show where she plays the role of Rosine. She got a major role in film The War Is Over in 1965. The director of this film Alain Resnais gave this opportunity to her. She plays the opposite role in the film with Yves Montand. This film was directed in Paris. She also gets the opportunity to play in two more film when she was in France. She also plays Philippe de Broca’s and Le Roi de Coeur. She got her husband Paul Almond in 1967. He was professionally a film director. Geneviève Bujold has done three films which were directed by him. They are Isabel, The Act of the Heart and Journey. Stepping the success, she also win the Canadian film Award for the best actress. Because of misunderstanding Geneviève Bujold and Paul almond get divorced in 1973, but they worked together and gave Canadian films like Final Assignment and The Dance Goes On. Geneviève Bujold as also appeared in Canadian as well as American television. Her success and her ambition were so powerful. She wants to be the famous actress in the world. Because of her strong ambition and her talents, she is able to get the international recognition in 1969. The film Anne of the Thousand Days which was directed by Charles Jarrott makes this opportunity to her. She plays the role of Anne Boleyn in this film. Many people love this film. Because of this film she won the Golden Globe Award for the best actress in leading role. This film is also able to nominate in Academy Award. Director Alan Rudolph was friend of Geneviève Bujold, whom he makes many films. Choose Me, Trouble in mind and The Moderns are the films which they worked together.

Because of her talent and abilities she is able to won many awards like Prix Suzanne Bianchetti award in 1967 for most promising young Actress, Canadian Film Award for best actress in 1968, Golden Globe Award in 1969 for best actress, Canadian film award for best actress in 1970, Genie Award in 1979 for best supporting actress, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for best supporting actress in 1988 and Prix Gemeaux for best actress in 1990.

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