Garrett Ryan is one of the versatile and inspirational actor in Hollywood. He is an American teenage boy. This amazing teenage actor was born in the famous place of US, California. He was born in the lap of California city name Newport Beach. He was born in August 14, 1999. His real name or born name is Garrett Ryan Ewald. He was actively in his profession since 2006. He was 15 years young teenage boy. He has the birth sign Leo. His parents are so proud of him. He is also a career oriented guy. He is a smart and intelligent guy. He hasn’t waste his time in games and other things but he give his attention toward the film industries. His parents never stop him and keep barer on him but they helps to motivate and inspire him. This amazing actor, Garrett Ryan gave his full and great performance to Hollywood. His acting skill and talent is respectful.

Garrett Ryan is a gifted boy who has ability and the concept of doing something great. He is an American boy of white complexion of face. He has clear and glowing skin tone. He has a brown straight hair. He is a smart and curious type. He has brown eye. He has a beautiful smile and looks too cute. He is slightly built up and speaks American accent. He has a good sense of fashion. He generally wears tip-top dress up. He has a height of 5 feet 2 inch that mean 1.59 m. he has maintain his body weight. He is an active boy. He doesn’t only waste his time on TV and facebook but also play games. This American teenage actor has also different hobby. He likes basketball, tennis, swimming, baseball and golf.

This brilliant actor, Garrett Ryan starts his career from very beginning. He enters into the Hollywood film industries when he was only seven years old. He has also done many television series. Cold case, criminal minds, CSI: NY and heroes. He gave his best performance in this series. He shows his appearance in Cold case in 2006. In this television series, he plays the role of David pool. It was the episode: “the Hen House”. In 2007, he has done another TV series name Criminal mind, in which he plays the role of Hayden. This is the first episode of TV series name “Children of the dark”. In 2007, he plays in the TV series CSI: NY in which is played the character of Young Drew Bedford. Then he plays the TV movie name something sweet in my ear where he plays the role of David. Then in 2008 he plays as the role of Mark in Dark House. He also shows his appearance in the TV series Heroes, where he plays the role of Christopher Coolidge. In 2009, he plays in the TV series where he plays the role of a boy in library. In 2010 to 2012, he was busy in the TV soap Opera where he has done 52 episodes in the TV series The Young and the Restless. He plays the role of Kyle Jenkins Abbott.  In 2010, he has done two other TV series Childrens hospital and Trust where he plays the role of kid and Marcus Weston respectively. In 2011 he has done 5 TV series. They are Partners, Jillian's Travel,
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, RCVR and The Haunting Hour: The Series where he plays the role of Kevin Mancini, Jack, Rocky, Tommy and Alex respectively. In 2012, he plays the role of Kevin in the TV series Dog with a blog. In 2013, he plays in two movies Insidious: chapter 2 and The Millers where he plays the role of young josh and young Nathan. Oculus is his latest film of 2014, where he plays the role of Young Tim Russell.

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