Gabby Barrett is an American singer/songwriter best known as one of the rising stars in the TV series, American Idol.

Even before auditioning for the show, Gabby had performed in numerous live shows and concerts.

Here are some fun facts about the aspiring singer 

She started singing at a young age

Inspired by the 2004 winner of American Idol, Carrie Underwood, Gabby started singing live at the tender age of 9.

Gabby has won multiple contests

She was awarded the first prize at Smokey Robinson’s Motown Contest and has won the 2014 Kean Quest Talent Search.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review described her as “A voice you must hear,” and Smokey Robinson quoted, “This girl has what it takes to be a superstar.”

She has a huge fan following

The aspiring musician has a fan following of over 51K followers on  Instagram, 29K on Twitter and an astounding 123K followers on Facebook.

Gabby has  a down-to-earth personality

She always comes forward when it comes to giving back to the community.

Gabby uses her skills and talents to support non-profit organizations such as Children’s Hospital, and Saint Jude, among more.

She has also performed in numerous schools, and colleges, to bring awareness about the importance of anti-bullying campaigns.

She can sing a wide range of songs

With a powerful voice with rich soulful tones, she has covered songs of various genres on her YouTube channel.

She has covered artists like The Beatles, Ariana Grande, Adele, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and other artists from the 60s and 70s.