Assembling the information about the early life, education, professional career and achievement of Fredericka Whitfield who is the daughter of Olympian Mal Whitfield is am anchor for CNN channel and worked for the shows liked CNN newsroom had been honored with many awards including Emmy award, Ebony award and George Peabody award.

Fredricka was born on May 31 in 1965 who is the daughter of Olympian Ml Whitfield and has a younger brother named Edward Whitfield. Talking about her early life, she has been there at Paint Branch High School. She completed her school graduation in 1983 in Burtonsvilla, Maryland. Soon after her schooling she further made her educational phase broader by receiving a Bachelor’s degree in the year 1987 from Howard University’s School. She graduated in the field of journalism as she conceived her role as reporter and anchor in her upcoming career.  She enlightened her future as she approached as a news broadcaster in support of college data lines station WHBC.

Fredericka started her career associating with WPLG-TV situated at Miami. Different approach was made and establishing her skills, she moved on with news channel 8 in Washington, WCIV in Charleston located at South Carolina. She got chance to appear in channel station like KTVT-TV in Dallas and WTNH in New Heaven. After appearing in different cable channel she started her official career being a correspondent for NBC News an Atlanta-based NBC nightly News for around 6 years. Being associated with NBC she did other shows like The Today Shows introducing her as project reporter and daytime anchor.

Later in 2002, she joined the popular news channel CNN where she got the right consign of illustrating her abilities as she represented numerous foremost anecdotes as a reporter. She is known as challenging reporter as she got involved in some of the risky news acts such as hazardous Asian tsunami transpired in December 2004. She also presented a live even of Operation Iraqi Freedom from Persian Gulf region. She was identified by many as she was the initially the one who reported the death of Ronald Reagan. She tendered her further report coverage of Olympic Games 2008 at China and presidential investiture held on Washington D.C. in the year 2009.

Fredericka is a professional news anchor correlated with network’s world command center located at Atlanta. She worked as correspondent to CNN Newsroom’s weekend versions and telecast breaking news all-inclusive. She has been exclusive on numerous intense climatic occurrences like tornados and cyclone flowing across America. She carried on with reporting the coverage episodes from U.S. military investigate and salvage operation training from the time when Sept 11 attacks transpired.

Frederica performed as an inspirational daring acts as an reporter/journalist and amazed the viewers, channels and Medias and made her most desirable reporter honoring her with Emmy award for outstanding live coverage of a breaking news in 2007 and NAMD Communicator of the year in the year 2008. She collected the award presented by the society of professional journalist and press association. She was nominated for extended form storytelling in Emmy award held on 2000. Other exceptional awards like George Peabody award and ebony award in 2005 was likely appreciated by her. She was also acknowledged for her valor act on the coverage during 1999 refugee disaster occurred in Kosovo War and the Olympic Park bombing case following Eric Rudolph, the bomber.

Fredricka’s courageous attitude made her accomplish to success in many ways. She earned several awards but most importantly she earned respect of the audiences for which she was seeking throughout her career phase. She is a well established independent lady who libed her life on her own set the example for many in the outer world as women is equal to men as their will power is concerned. Her commitment towards the work made her worth what she is today. Other inspirational works of Fredericka can be obtained from blogs published on several websites and other online networks.