Dates are the first step to leave an impression on your girl/boy’s heart and first dates, you got to woo them to your call doesn’t get ignored the next morning. Though the idea seems fascinating, if you’re planning for a perfect date it could somewhat be a head-scratching procedure.

You obviously wouldn’t like the remainings of the spinach in your teeth or the stain of your Bolognese taking all of your attention. Playing it safe is the best way to avoid a messy date, wildness and the real you can come later if you succeed on the first one that is. So let us guide you to the No foods on your first date.

Spicy Foods:

If you are a spicy food lover, hold your cravings for your later dates. Cause you wouldn’t want to leave a sweaty and running nose impression on your partner.

Two bottles of pepper sauce and a sandwich placed on a table

The spicy foods can divide your attention from your date to glasses of water, piles of tissues and your huff and puffs. Don’t let the spicy food demean your original hotness, we mean! One bad decision can drench on your makeover completely.


If you’re looking for something fishy that is without the metaphors, then go for anything except tuna. Tunas tend to leave the long-lasting smell which many can’t stand. 

A platter full of sushi and tunas and salmon dishes

You definitely wouldn’t want the tuna’s ruining your expensive romantic perfumes. Moreover, you could just lose your first kiss from your someone special just because of a Tuna! Tunas can come later, of course. 


The cravings for spaghetti can be supplanted by rigatoni or penne only for your first date that is. After all the hours of preparation, you just can’t let the long saucy spaghetti get into portraying a messy look for you. 

Spaghetti served and presented beautifully

Just imagine, your partner is talking all romantic and you are struggling to get those saucy noodles into your mouth. So, a big No.

Garlic bread:

Even though Garlic carries an amazing taste, is found to be lingering in nature. It leaves an uneasy smell in your mouth for hours. 

Garlic, onion and coriander

Garlic bread is considered number one kiss killer around the world. If you don’t mind carrying a mouthwash and gargling around to just not miss the special moments, it’s your call. But we suggest sacrifice of a garlic bread to unspoil the special day is totally worth it.


Good for health, bad for first dates! You would not want to go teeth green on your first date. 

A bowl filled with spinach soup, boiled egg and potato

Spinach carry the possible dangers of ruining on the special moments that could have just gone smoothly if only the spinaches would not be kissing around your teeth. A little health sacrifice on your first date could possibly make your date yours forever.


If you love salads and enjoy having it then salads are totally fine for an order. But if you’re trying to give your partner an I eat less image, then let us tell you all it will turn out to be a big turn off for your date.

A bowl full of salad, containing cabbages, tomatoes, radishes etc

There’s something sexy with people who enjoy their meals to the fullest, trust us. For we are blind on what tomorrow has to bring, at least enjoy the foods that we get to have to the fullest.

Sushi Rolls:

First date, off for a sushi? Sounds great but trust us the idea is just a trap!

A beautifully decorated and presented sushi platter

Once the sushi roll goes into your mouth, you start talking in a hard to understand language. With the covering of puffed faces stuffed with giant sushi’s the romance becomes a second priority which might not sound good for your first date. Yes, sushi’s are interesting but not for the first date.


Beans are great a meal unless you can digest the burps along with it. Compared to other meals, beans tend to create the whoops moment a little more. 

Baked beans and eggs presented beautifully on a toast.

So if you plan the date to be classy instead of gassy avoid beans. For all the proteins the beans carry, you feel heavy and that is not what you want to your first date. Also, I have a perception that foods taste equally good with or without the presence of beans.


The barbeque sauce painted all over you and the struggle for tearing does not look sexy from anywhere if you have an image in your head making it look one.

A ribs platter seeming delicious, with all the smoky barbecue effect

Ribs are okay for your later dates but for your first one, you don’t want your partner to think he/she has chosen a date from the stone age.


The idea of seashore first date is great only if you avoid the sea item orderings. Or else the desperateness you put in to pull the creatures out of their shells can ruin the ambiance you’ve been trying to create so hard.

Various dishes of sea animals placed for servings in a table

Moreover, the attention gets divided, which would not be a good scene to remember about the first date.

Same order:

‘I’ll have what she/he is having’, the statement has been out of style for a long time now. Well, this will show you aren’t capable of making decisions on your own which might be a turn-off. 

An old woman ordering the same food her friend had ordered

In today’s generation where the relationships start with the mantra, sharing is caring and caring is loving! after all, not everyone is Joey Tribiani.

Here’s what you can order instead

After all the not to orders, you might wonder what is left for order well there is chicken, free from bloating that red meats offer and smell the fish items come with. Then you can go for a desert date, grabbing a coffee for a date is turning too old fashion, show your uniqueness.

This was a little waking to our readers with the not to order food lists on their first date, for those wondering where they have been going wrong, hope our this story could be of some help. And also for those worrying about their first date, we hope the prevention campaign works successfully. The same food that helps join hearts can also possibly never let the hearts join.