It seems like we are living in a world where movies are getting more recognition than books. However, sometimes, it can be justified, as some ‘paper’ versions of our favorite stories tend to be somehow worse than their movie adaptations. If you are wondering about specific examples – here is the list of 5 times when movie adaptation saved the fantastic story. 

The Silence of The Lamb

Back in the day, this book was a massive hit, but everything changed after Jonathan Demme decided to turn it into a movie. No wonder, as it was a perfect combination of A-class acting, suspense, great locations, and fantastic visuals. The filming was so good that up to this day, examples of it can be often found by those, who want to make a video sharing website or who want to provide visual examples of great playing.

Not only this adaptation gave an enormous boost to Jodie Foster’s career, but it also was extremely welcomed by the audience. More than that, both leads of the movie won Best Actor and Best Actress Academy awards. Up to this day, these roles are among the most prominent ones in Foster’s and Hopkins’s careers. 

The Shinning

Stephen King is one of those authors whose novels got appraise during his lifetime, which is honestly amazing. In most cases, movie adaptations to his books are not even close as good as the novels. However, there are some exceptions, and one of the brightest ones is The Shining.

This movie is not only considered to be the best adaptation of King’s writing but is also a timeless classic of cinema, no less. The actors and the director did such an excellent job of creating a feeling of suspense and despair that the audience often feels like they are in the movie as well. What else can you ask for from a horror movie?

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Forrest Gump

In this case, the movie outshined the book so much that most people do not even know about the latter. If you had the chance to read the paper version of this story, then you know how messy and sometimes even illogical it is.

Director and screenwriters did an amazing job by shaping Forrest’s story into what we all have seen on the screen. If to compare, you could say that the book is somewhat a diamond in the rough while the movie is a sparkling diamond. 

Brokeback Mountain

Back in the day, this story was somewhat controversial. This is probably why the short story by Annie Proulx, the original author, did not gain much recognition. However, bringing it to the big screen was a smart move. The heartbreaking life story of the characters and compelling acting gamy by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger make this movie a never dying classic. 

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This one is a bit controversial, as there is no doubt that the books of these series are a real gem. However, when talking about the third book and the third movie of this saga, the movie was appreciated much better! Brilliant casting, acting, screenwriting, operator’s work – the list could go on forever. All this combined resulted in a terrific movie that all of us love and re-watch now and then (together with the rest of the parts of the saga, of course).

The argument ‘books vs. movies’ will probably last forever. Some insist that books will make instinct eventually. However, now we live during amazing times where we can enjoy both these art forms and we should not neglect one for the other. Sure, sometimes books are better, sometimes movies. Hopefully, after seeing this list, you will know for sure when to turn to books and when to movies.