Gas Monkey Garage is a Dallas-based auto restoration shop, which is featured in Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud. 

Needless to say, there is the contribution of some master mechanics behind the success of the shop.

Today MyHowBook is talking about one such gearhead from the Gas Monkey Garage.

Viewers had acknowledged Aaron Kaufman as the backbone of the Gas Monkey Garage owner, Richard Rawlings, before Aaron left the shop in 2016 after working for 16 years.

The duo’s collaboration was well-recognized not only at the customization shop but also their bromance had set an example throughout the nation.

Even though, it was revealed that Aaron’s exit from GMG was a mutual decision of Aaron and Richard, viewers were disappointed after learning the news.

For several months, fans complained that Fast N’ Loud wasn’t the same without the Bearded Wonder.

Following his exit from GMG, Aaron started his own fabrication shop, Arclight Fab, which isn’t that far from the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. 

Arclight Fab focuses on manufacturing Ford F-100 parts.

Now, it has been revealed that his new show, Shifting Gears will start airing on Discovery on March 5, 2018

Back in October 2017, when Aaron announced that he will be back with his own show, Richard seemed to be overjoyed as he took to Instagram to congratulate his former co-star. 

Are you curious about how Aaron’s early life was? Well, keep watching to know.

He was born on January 26, 1982, in Crowley, Texas.

Starting from an early age, he was always fascinated by machines, especially dump trucks, tractors, and bulldozers.

He spent his childhood at his grandfather’s mill in Grand Prairie, Texas, watching  his father maintaining the articrafts.

His father, who taught himself automation, was an inspiration for him to get into the industry.

After he learned to drive, he realized his passion for automobile and learned that tools were the keys to his life.

He got an opportunity to explore building styles and techniques at Gas Monkey Garage and build complicated hot rods, show cars, and race cars there.

While he has won over millions of hearts worldwide, he has given his heart to this beautiful lady, Lauren Moore Knob.

They have been dating since the early 2013 and are supposedly living together. But, it seems like the couple has kept their plans of marriage aside.

Throughout the years, the gifted mechanic and fabricator has amassed a huge net worth of $6 million.