An Indian-American author and journalist, Fareed Rafiq Zakaria is the host of the of Fareed Zakaria GPS of the news giants CNN. He is famous as a commentator on the issues relating to the American forign policy, trade and international relations. Zakaria is also known for his columnist nature for Newsweek as well as the editor of then Newsweek International.

Born on the 20th of January, 1964, in the hearts of Mumbai, India, to a Muslim family, he had a wonderful childhood alongside his family. His father was a politician who used to work with and for the Indian National  Congress and the Islamic Scholar as well and his mother was the editor for the time of the weekly published Sunday Times of India. Born to a politically active family, it did not take long for him to get into the same field as he was inspired by his parents and largely their work. The Cathedral and John Connon School, Yale university and Harvard University were the education providers for him as he graduated, got the B.A and earned himself a Doctor in Philosophy from them respectively. His major successors wore Samuel P. Huntington and Stanley Hoffman along with the expert and theorist on international relations, Robert Keohane.

A sneak-peek into his career revelas that he was serious about his studies to let him become what he aspired to become. A research project about the American Foreign Policy was all that he need to get going as he was the director for the project at Harvard. The Foreign Affairs, a quarterly scheduled magazine did change into a bimonthly one which was the courtesy of his guidance in redesigning the magazine. Apart from his directing role, Zakaria has also been active as an Adjunct Professor of International relations at the University of Colombia. An exceptional talent needs a good eyes to look for it and the Newsweek was the right eye to have located Zakaria and made him the editor as well as columnist for Newsweek International. But this team did not last long as in 2010, Zakaria made the announcement of his move to Time from Newsweek as a columnist and the Editor-at-Large and also is the writer of columns for the weekly posted Washington Post. As an author, he has had his publications on the subjects that include variety for the reputed New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and The New Republic and even in the well-known web magazine Slate.

A dig into his personal life reveals that Zakaria is india-born naturalized American citizen. He says that his wife, Paula Throckmorton Zakaria is more than happy to accept him and his Islam religion and the questions to his nationality have been the result of fault journalism which nearly had took away his job. That fault had Zakaria take an interview and apologize to the CNN news networks for his false accusations. There have also been rumors and more obligations to his ethnicity as being a naturalized American. Zakaria and his wife have no plans for divorce as they love their children very much and do not want them to feel depressed about the relationship of their parents.

A self-made man, Fareed Zakaria has come a long way to fulfill his aspirations and now become more dedicated to the work that pays him salary for his well-being. He is as humble as can be and asks the people to just love what they want to work in because that is the best possible way to succeed. His bio can be searched in wiki and other relative sites and he mostly active in twitter.