In New York City large number of television audience is quite familiar with the name Ernie Anastos. And of course Anastos is a very popular and dignified news anchor who has made an extraordinary achievement in the media world. The seventy years old news anchor has a long experience of working with numerous channels. He has been honored with a prestigious Emmy award for his distinct contribution to the media sector.  Aside from being a successful and notable news anchor Ernie is also best known as a brilliant author. Ernie has authored a book entitled ‘Twixt: Teens yesterday and today’. In his book Ernie portrayed the condition explaining how the young Americans spend their life. Certainly Ernie is a dynamic and versatile personality. Ernie has earned a great fortune and fame. He has been actively serving for more than two decades as a host of numerous television show.

In New York, United States on 12th July 1943, he was born as Ernie Anastos. After the completion of his high school education, Ernie went to North Eastern University for his further study from where he came out as a graduate in arts. Ernie had a strong aspiration to earn a reputation as a television personality. So, quickly after the completion of his study he went on air as a news anchor. Anastos initiated his career at 98.5 WROR which is located in Boston. After working there for a short period of time Anastos went on to WPRI-TV where he was assigned a duty as a television anchor. That was a great opportunity for him to gain experience. Nearly for two years he served there. In 1978 he departed from WPRI-TV to join WABC-TV in New York City. Later, Ernie joined WCBS-TV where he was assigned a time slot of 5 PM and 11 PM. Certainly Ernie is a very distinct news anchor who has worked for several news channels more than anyone else. From 1997 to 2000 Ernie also anchored at WWOR-TV. In January 2001 Ernie again came back to WCBS where he jointly hosted the show with Dana Tayler, Cindy Hsu and his former colleague Roz Abrams. Ernie made a contract of $10 million with WNYW-TV so again in 2005 Ernie departed from WCBS-TV to join WNYW-TV.

In his professional career Ernie has covered the story from many hot spots of the world. He has conducted exclusive interview of many prominent world leaders. For sure viewers fix their eyes upon television whenever they find Ernie on the screen. During the September 11th terrorist attack huge number of viewers watched Ernie covering the story of the World trade Center attack. Ernie has also managed to meet the popular communist leader Fidel Castro in Cuba. On the auspicious event of the Cuban revolution’s anniversary he presented the report from Cuba. On the demise of late Princess Dianna, Ernie reported from the funeral of Princess Dianna in London.

Recognizing his unique and extraordinary contribution he was honored by doctorate degree from Manhattanville college. Ernie is also a board member of Northeastern University. In addition to that Ernie has been nominated for one of the most prestigious “Edward R-Murrow” awards.

In September 2009 Ernie mockingly said “keep fucking that Chicken” with his colleague Nick Gregory. Soon it became a scandal which brought a disgrace and defame to his reputation. On the next night Ernie apologized stating that “he misspoke” though there was no any indication to support his apology for such blooper. Many audiences were suspecting that Ernie may be fired after making such remarks but he was neither suspended nor fired. Ernie is also well known for socially awkward and tactless act.

Talking about his personal life Ernie got married to Kelly Anastos. Now, he is running at the age of 70 but still he looks much younger than his age. It's probable that he might have gone through the plastic surgery though he has never admitted it. The viewers can easily figure out his morphed face and imagine that he underwent through plastic surgery.  The couple has two children. Ernie has embraced the dogma of the Orthodox Church. His annual salary is estimated to be around $3.5 million.

If anyone is interested to seek his more professional and personal information then he/she can obtain his biography from Wiki and other sites relating him. Ernie has more than 15 thousand followers on twitter. He regularly interacts with his fan via twitter. At the moment he resides in New York with his family.