Mary Elizabeth is one of the famous and versatile actresses of Hollywood. She is a young girl with a brilliant and amazing acting quality. Mary Elizabeth is also known as Emmy Clark as her nickname. This beautiful American young actress was born on September 25, 1991. She was born in the beautiful place of New York. She is a gorgeous lady with many talents. Her performance and acting qualities are so amazing and lovely. She has two siblings named Patrick and Bridget. Patrick is older than Mary Elizabeth and Bridget is younger than her. She has been active in her profession since 2003. Emmy is derived from her first name. Her birth sign is Libra. She get her education from the American school in England.

At the age of 23, she gave her full energy and abilities to American cinema. She is one of the versatile and good actress. She is so patient and experienced on her work. People love her acting skill and her facial expression. She also has faced many problems when she was young. She moved to Houston, Texas when she was one years old. She attends TASIS in England when she was 6 years old. Then she moved to New York City when she was 11 years old. She is now living in the beautiful city Fairfield country, Connecticut.

Emmy Clark is one of the beautiful and smart faces in Hollywood. She is a pretty girl with beautiful eye. She has a beautiful smile. She has an attractive body with gorgeous face. She has a good height and perfect body measurements. She is attracted by many fans as well as many celebrities. This young star has a white complexion of face and American ethnicity. She speaks American accent. She has a blue hypnotize type eye. She also has glowing clean skin. She is able to maintain good body figure and weight. She has brown thick and ling hair. Emmy Clark is not only beautiful but she is also one of the smart girl. When she was a small girl instead of playing and wasting time, she is concentrate in her future plan. She is a future oriented girl also. She has also a good and inspirable acting skill. This beautiful young girl has successfully able to win the heart of many fans and her co-stars. She is able to make a good position in Hollywood. She also makes her parents proud by her acting and her fame in public. Her parents also help her to make her career. They motivate and inspire her in her work. Blessing and inspiration of her parents she is now able to maintain her good position in Hollywood.

 Emmy Clark has started her career from 2003, when she gets the opportunity to play the role in the TV film name My house in Umbria. She gives her best performance in this film.  By this film, she won the heart of many fans. Because of this best acting skill she is able to won the best performance. She also plays the role in the film monk as Julie Teeger in which she play the role of the daughter of Adrian Monk’s assistance. In 10 November 2006, she plays in one of the nice and beautiful film Fur.

This versatile and gifted girl Emmy Clark is able to win many awards and trophies. She has been awarded because of her acting skill and quality. She is able to win best performance in a TV movie, miniseries or special-supporting young actress. At her early age, she is able to won many awards. This award helps her and inspires her to be the best actress of Hollywood. Her net worth has not been published yet.

Emmy Clarke is active and modern girl. We can follow her in many social networking sites such as facebook. We can also follow her in twitter.