An up-and-coming YouTuber, Emma Chamberlain is yet to become a household name, but without a doubt, she’s on track. Starting off uploading videos on her self-titled YouTube Channel in June 2017, she has garnered more than 4.9 million subscribers.

High Key Emma Chamberlain

More recently, in August 2018, Emma signed with the leading talent agency, UTA. She also collaborated with Gen Z-aimed social and shopping app, Dote and launched her first fashion and accessories line, High Key Emma Chamberlain. With her successful fashion line and YouTube channel, she has been able to accumulate a huge net worth of $2 million at the very young age of 17. Her outspoken attitude along with outsized personality is what people love about her. Apart from what’s next in her video, fans are always eager about her dating life.

Dating Ethan Dolan?

She started to get linked with Dolan twins, Ethan and Grayson, right after she popped up on their YouTube video along with James Charles and vice versa in June.  Basically, they did the same as they always do but their collaboration was something entirely unexpected to their fans. Fans didn’t take time to ship Emma with the Dolan twins, however, they went crazy over the chemistry of Emma and Ethan.

Things started to hit off pretty quick after Ethan shared a snap with Emma on the 4th of July as Ethan never share pictures with a girl, except family members. Some are taking the two as just collaborators, but some are hoping to see Ethan and Emma together as a couple. So far, either party is yet to address the rumor, but many would definitely love to see the vloggers together.

Since their first video with Dolan twins and James Charles, she has uploaded a few videos with them and has also been featured on their YouTube Channels.