Emily Hampshire is a beautiful actress from Canada who was born on the 29th of August in the year 1981. She has acted in many movies along with several television shows. She was born in Montreal, Quebec. She is widely known for the role of Angelina which she played in the movie Boy Meets Girl. The movie was the production of Sean Astin which was released in the year of 1998. The movie was categorized in the list of romantic comedy. Hampshire’s other notable role in the movies include Vivienne which was in the movie, Snow Cake and was released in 2006. The movie had the star cast of Alan Rickman and Sigourney to whom she played the opposite role.

Emily has been in the Hollywood and in the television screen since 1996. She is known one of the beautiful actresses in the Canadian film industry. Her some other roles include as Siobhan Roy in the movie, Made in Canada. Along with her filming act she has also given time for the television shows and screen too. Hampshire has recently featured in the Canadian shows and series which includes Northern Town, Carl2 and in This Space for Rent. Her another appearance in the genre of romantic comedy include It’s a Boy/Girl Thing in the year 2006. The movie also starred other actors like Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong. She portrayed the role of Chanel in the movie.

Hampshire also featured in the movie The Life Before This where she did the character Margaret. This movie was directed by the director Jerry Ciccoritti. The movie was first shown in the Toronto International Film Festival in the year of 1999. Along with her acting talents, she has also provided her voice for some animated characters.she gave her voice to a animated character named Nebulla or Starr in the 6Teen which was also a Canadian production. Some of her recent appearance also includes The Trotsky where she did the role of Alexandra, where she was shown as the love interest of Leon. Another appearance was made in the movie Good Neighbours where she got to do the role of Louise. Her another featured movie was Cosmopolis which was directed and produced by David Cronenberg and did the role of Jane Martin. She has also contributed her voice in other animated series. Hampshire has done Ruby Gloom where her voice was played for the character named Misery then in Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series she gave her voice to a character as Diana Barry. Emily also voice-acted for Braceface, where her voice was provided the character named Alyson Malitski. Her latest appearance can be seen in the movie All the Wrong Reasons and in Retornado. Both the movies were released in the year 2013. She portrayed Nicole in the movie. Along with Cosmopolis she also did My Awkward Sexual Adventure in 2012.               

As Hampshire has been one of the most efficient actress in the movie industry she has achieved many awards along with several nominations. Some of her achievements are, Gemini Award which she received for the category of Best Enseble Performance in a Comedy Program. The award was for the series of Made in Canada. The award has nominated her for about three times. Genie Awards also awarded with the title of Best Supporting Actress which was for the movie named A Problem with Fear. She has got numerous Genie Awards. To be precise she has got Best Leading Actress nomination for the movie named, Blood. The Award was the 25th Genie Awards. She also got the Best Supporting Actress nomination for the movie Snow Cake. The award was the 27th Genie Awards.