Ekaterina Lisina is a Russian professional model and former basketball player who holds two Guinness World Records

She is the tallest professional model and also the woman with the longest legs

Her left leg measures at 132.8 cm (52.2 in) and her right leg measure at 132.2cm (52.0in).

Ekaterina was born on October 15, 1987, in Penza, Russia, to father Viktor Lisin (6ft 5in) and mother Galina Lisina (6ft 1in).

With older brother Sergei of 6ft 6in, she felt comfortable with her height at her home but was bullied everywhere else.

However, she started feeling positive after she joined basketball team and went on to win a bronze medal in 2008 Olympics

After she ended her basketball career in 2014, she started professional modeling at the age of 27 which was her childhood dream.

A single mother of a six-year-old, she has never felt more comfortable with her body. 

With the height of 6ft 9in, she wants to be an inspiration for girls who are confident with their body.