Edith Falco who is known to the world as “Edie Falco”, is an American-born television, stage as well as film actress. Famous for her roles in the HBO series named Oz as the beautiful Diane Whittlesey and as the enticing Carmela Soprano on the same series of the acclaimed show The Sopranos, and also as the one titular character to the Showtime series known to the world as Nurse Jackie. Born, on July the 5th, 1963, in the outskirts of Brooklyn in the city of New York, Eddie is the daughter of mother, Judith Anderson, a former actress, and father Frank Falco, who used to be a jazz drummer back in his days. A loving father of an Italian descent and one very caring mother having the ancestry of both Swedish and English. Falco is not the only child in the family, in fact siblings to her are Joseph, Ruth and Paul. Her uncle is Edward Falco who was renowned as one succesful novelist, poet, and playwrite of undoubted vision. He was also active as an English professor who was teaching at the Virginia Tech located in the city of Blacksburg. Falco spent her childhood in the West Islip and the North Babylon, both located on Long Island where she was brought up in age and raised as a happy kid. Falco completed her graduation from the Northport High School in the year 1981 with considerable port-folio and she was seen playing Eliza Doolittle with the production series of My Fair Lady. She wanted to pursue her acting passion and went onto attend the Acting Program held at SUNY with her fellow companions and actors: Stanley Tucci and Ving Rhames. Amazingly enough, she is still friends with both the actors and everybody is seen appreciating the latter on their work.

An extraordinary career revels what Falco has endured to become who she is at this time. She got the first-ever big break in the film industry while performing a small but noticeable speaking role in the 1994 blockbuster film Bullets Over Broadway which was directed by Woody Allen. Her evergreen friendship with the former SUNY classmate, Eric Mendelsohn, who luckily for Falco, was the preferred assistant to one of the director’s costume designers. This little but important so-called jack helped her get in the cast and in the role. Not only this, the friendship with Mendelsohn was so fruitful for her that it let the latter go on to direct and cast Falco in his break-through feature film Judy Berlin. Mendelsohn was soon rewarded for this faith in Falco as he won the honors of "Best Director" at the Sundance. This relation fostered as Falco was the preference to star in Mendelsohn's next, the "3 Backyards", and again he bagged the "Best Director" honors for a second time. Mendelsohn could not be happier because he became the only director in the history to win the award for the second time.Falco, for her extraordinary talent, stands as one of the few actresses to have been nominated and won a Golden Globe, a SAG Award and an Emmy in the same year. Her exceptional performance as Carmela was backing Falco as she won these prestigious awards in the year 2003 as they were very challenging Italian-American gender demanding roles.

When everything goes right, something has to go the other way round. The same was the case with Falco and her personal life as she was diagnosed and confirmed having breast cancer. Being in the hearts of so many fans, Falco chose that it was not good to make the news go public and viral until she got better with an interview confirmation. Not only this Falco was seen having problems with alcohol and decided to accept a sober life. Eddie Falco wanted to adopt a son and did so with Anderson, in 2005 and a daughter as well, Macy, in the year 2008. There has not been citing of either her boyfriend or her husband and she preferred to be unmarried than married. This choice led to allocations of her being a lesbian. She possesses a very noticeable height with long legs and nice feet. It is said that she is able to look stunning and hot in everything she decides to wear. She can also be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter and her wiki can be found in the web as well.