Hold on to your horses ‘Wheeler Dealers’ fans, Edd China is back with a pilot, Edd China’s Garage Revival.

The pilot episode of the genius mechanic, Edd China’s newest venture was released on YouTube on May 1.

The pilot showcases Edd in Norway trying to help car owners put their old classics into former glory.

In this particular episode, he helps Stian Jørgensen, a 23 years old bricklayer, complete his unfinished project. 

The two worked on Stian’s red 1983 Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI, which he had been trying to work on for past two years.

The car needed work on everything from fitting the engine, changing the headlines to fixing the wheels.

Edd, considering the laws of customization in the country, even got the instructions from a Volkswagen dealership beforehand.

At the end, Edd also gifted the car owner a matching baby seat for his toddler. 

Edd, who left the show, Wheeler Dealers, has been active on YouTube answering fan queries through his channel.

Now, with an awesome pilot, we just need to wait until the show gets picked up by a network very soon.