The Rock is a professional wrestler who was renown from WWF & WWE , named Dwayne Douglas Johnson at birth is also an American actor. He was born on May 2nd, 1972 in California, US. Dwayne Johnson got selected in National Championship Team from University of Maimi when he was in college in 1991. Johnson was a footballer in his college life where he played for his team Calgary Stampeders in Canadian Football League. It would not be wrong if we say that his father Rocky Johnson & grandfather Peter Maivia, who both were professional wrestler was the source of the inspiration for him to become a professional wrestler. It was WWE (previously known as WFF) which made him very famous around the world.

Soon after two years he joined WWF, his hard work and trainings from his trainer made him win the prestigious WWF Championship. Johnson is taken as one of most professional wrestler of all time by the critics and fan followings. He won 17 championship title in WWE and Royal Rumble in 2000.Born from Ata Johnson (mother) & wrestler Mr Rocky Johnson (father), he lived with his mother family in Auckland, New Zealand where he studied in Richmond road primary school before he was brought to US by their parents. The immigration policy of Canada which stated that the children born from 1st generation Canadian are entitled for Canadian citizenship also made him eligible to adopt Canadian citizenship through his father so became Canadian citizen.

He was awarded with 100 % scholarship from University of Miami where he had to play football with defensive tackle. In 1991, he was selected on one of the National Championship team, “Maimi’s Hurricanes”. This was the university where Johnson met the called named Dany Garcia with whom the Rock married in 1997 and divorced in 2007 & they gave birth to girl child named Simone Alexandra Johnson. Dany Garcia also completed her graduation from the same university and was appointed later as member of the Trustee in Miami. The Rock and Dany got divorced and started living separately without any hassle for which The Rock said they would be best friend even after divorce.

The Rock or Johnson is not only famous for his wrestling career; he is even famous for his acting career. He left WWE & has appeared in many music videos and even hosted the show named Saturday Night Live. He got short appearance in the film “The mummy Returns”, climax to play leading role in the sequel of the mummy returns named “The Scorpion King” for which he was paid US$ 5.5 million which was the record breaking deal with newcomers in a lead role for which he was listed in Guinness book of world record for highest-paid actor in his from his first starring role movie. His career as a actor is also very good as he have acted in the many movies.  Pain & Gain (2013) Empire State (2013), Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012), Snitch (2013), are some to name. The one of the strongest proof of The Rock having very awesome career in acting is his new movie Hercules: The Thracian Wars coming in 2014 or he can even be in The fast & furious 7.

The Dwayne The Rock Johnson lives a in the ocean full of followers, admirer, lovers where he is a star of all hearts. His Net Worth is estimated to have US $70 million dollars. He lives a life which a general people wished to live. This became possible because of his hard work, dedication, passion & his good character. His information can be collected from Wikipedia and other websites who publishes biography of the people. His autobiography named “The Rocks says” was written by Joe Layden where himself was the co-writer got publish in 2000 & got number one position in the New York times best sellers list which remained at the top position for many weeks. He is good friend former Governor of California who is well known for the movie The Terminator, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Johnson is also a social worker who believes in investing some of his earning for the needy one. Johnson founded "The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation", in 2006, a charity working with at-risk and terminally ill children. Johnson & his ex-wife Dany donated $1 million to support the renovation in the University of Miami to increase football facilities on October 2, 2007.  It was the largest donation ever received by athletics department from former university students. The University thus renamed the Hurricanes' locker room in The Rock’s honor.