The Dolan twins are going through a very tough time! On Saturday, they took to Instagram to pay tribute to their father, Sean Dolan after he lost a battle with cancer.

Dolan Twins Paid Tribute to Their Father

Young Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan with their father, Sean Dolan

With a long heartfelt caption, the twins shared some throwback pictures of their father on Instagram. Grayson detailed about Sean’s battle with cancer. He wrote,

When the doctors said you only had a year to live after being diagnosed, you push and battled for 2 and 1/2 years! Last week when the doctor told us you had less than a week to live you stood your ground and stayed with us for a week and an extra day. That alone shows the type of man you were, a fighter. You never let cancer fade you Dad, it may have taken your body, but your heart, your mind, and your soul came out victorious. Congratulations Dad.

Ethan echoed his brother and wrote,

When you were very sick you told us, ‘This disease may get my body, but not my mind and not my heart. As long as my heart is beating I will still be fighting.’ That is exactly what you did Dad. … Cancer may have taken your life but with the strength and dignity you showed, and the inspiration you left us with, you won the battle Dad.

Sean, a school principal who lived in New Jersey, was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

Dolan twins first gained wide recognition from the now-defunct app, Vine in 2013. As of now, they share vlogs on their collaborative YouTube channel, which has almost 9m subscribers. Dolan twins first opened about their father’s cancer, back in November 2016, in a video titled You’re Not Alone

Sean Dolan standing in a library with a thumbs up

Sean Dolan is survived by his wife, Lisa, his twin sons, and a daughter, Cameron.

As per their tweets, Dolan twins will be taking some time off to be with their family. Their fans have taken to Twitter to offer condolences and to pay respect to their father.

Rest in Peace, Sean!