Agostino "Dino" De Laurentiis was an Italian film producer as his major life-long profession. He has been best known for producing science fiction, fantasy and horror films to date. His productions are admired at great extent by huge mass of audience from entire world. Dino De Laurentiis was a film producer who over his 60-year career produced more than 600 films, from King Kong to Serpico to Flash Gordon. He has also produced the Oscar-winning best foreign films as like La Strada and Nights of Cambria, both directed by Federico Fellini.  Hence, from horror to art house, Dino De Laurentiis has produced a wide variety of films during his 60-year career.

Dino was born on August 8, 1919 in Torre Annunziata in the province of Naples, and grew up selling spaghetti produced by his father. For his education, Despite of being son of pasta maker, he went Rome to study at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome were interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War. De Laurentiis then began gaining hands-on experience in film. Taking on nearly very task involved in filmmaking, he was a prop handler, an extra, an actor and an assistant director.

He had spent more than six-decades in his production career. He has been one of the most efficient producers of Hollywood film industry. At the age of 20, De Laurentiis was able to produce his first picture, Troppo tardi t’ho conosciuta (1939). This was soon followed by L’amore canta (1941), but his work was soon affected by World War II. He scored his first international success with Riso amaro in 1949. It was later released in the United States as Bitter Rice.

At his early time, he had joined forces with another legendary Italian filmmaker, Carlo Ponti. They established the Ponti-De Laurentiis production company and made several notable films together. Two of their most critically acclaimed projects were La Strada (1954) starring Anthony Quinn and The Nights of Cambria (1956), both of which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and were directed by Federico Fellini. The pair also created elaborate film epics, such as Ulysses (1954), which starred Kirk Douglas and Silvana Mangano. The film tackled the ancient saga about the sailor Ulysses and his journey home after the Trojan War, which was written by the Greek poet Homer. De Laurentiis and Ponti also produced an adaptation of the classic Russian novel War and Peace (1956) by Leo Tolstoy. Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, and Mel Ferrer played the lead roles in the film, which earned an Academy Award nomination for its director King Vidor. He ended his partnership in 1950, and then he continued to work on a variety of projects. He even built a huge production facility, Dinocitta, near Rome for his work in the early 1960s.

Talking about his professional wins, in 2001, he received the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Later after one years of duration, he again received the America Award of the Italy-USA Foundation. In the 1980s, de Laurentiis owned and operated DDL Foodshow, a specialty retailer with two gourmet Italian markets in New York City and Los Angeles.

Turning back his personal life, while he had released English version of L’amore canta as Bitter Rice, the drama starred Silvana Magnano as a beautiful peasant. He eventually fell in love with her and the couple married that same year. They became a super couple in the Italian film world. But their marriage ended on 1988 and then he again married to his second wife Martha Schumacher. He has four children from his first wife and two children from his second marriage life.  

His name has been remembered as one of the most efficient producer of all time. He has been successful to provide different tastes of films to his audience. His creativity has no measure to any other till date. Hence his fans and followers are always seen expecting new creation from him.