The striking Muslim girl, Dilshad Vadasaria was born on September 14, 1985 at Karachi, Pakistan began her acting debut in the year 2006 and she is known preeminent for her character as “ Rebecca Logan” on sensation hit ABC family series, Greek and in the present year she is starring in the television series named Revenge.

Talking about the early stage of dilshad, this young girl brought up to the simple Muslim middle class community whose mighty fortunes lead her to represent the face and the name to the world. This grandeur actress had the star asset from the beginning and at the age of six, she flew off to U.S. She had a keen interest in acting, so she chooses her conduit career and educational journey as to study acting. Then moving towards her schooling days, she was very outspoken child as she took part in various dramas and plays organized by the school faculty. She spent her childhood in New York and there she crammed on with acting and after mean while she shifted to Los Angeles where she is contemporary inhabitant.

In 2006, she was first signed for a small role in the episode of television series known as Vanished. This is the year and place where she made her professional acting debut. After that she was perceived by the initiator of ABC group and conveyed her to play in the daily telecast television program Greek. The program was smashing hit and the character “Rebecca logon” which she played was applauded by many. This role gave the actual name for her professional career and was recognized in the world of film industries. Every viewer enjoyed Rebecca Logan and this popularity took dilshad to act in the movie named Rapture. The movie was critically acclaimed and she did the dishad role as teenager mother.

Gorgeous vadsaria never loose any opportunity and let go any challenge which com across her. Turning through every sorts of the role, she also did a guest appearance in “Legend” which is in favor of NCIS episode and played a small but effective role in “The Dentist in the Ditch” in the show named bones running in its fifth season. She also did the cameo role in shows like Melissa and Joey and CSI. Dilshad currently got into her first official movie where she gets along her romance with Jesse Eisenberg’s role. This movie is associated with Columbia Pictures, 30 Minutes or Less under the direction of Ruben Fleisher and production of Ben Stiller.

Audiences are eagerly waiting for her upcoming sequences. Their excitement can now be inflated as they can see her next character “Padma” who is a monetary psychiatrist in the ABC’s next series Revenge. With lots of twist and turns this beguiling thrill Revenge is surely going to excite the audiences.

A vivacious dilshad find irresistible on bikes and loves traveling to adventurous places. She is fond of pets and animals as she has the unusual blue cat named theophile. She likes to try on with thrilling sports like skiing and horse riding. She was the student of biological science and completed this course from university of Delaware. Beside from her mother language and English she also knows French and gujarati language.

Dilshad undergo a very sturdy worth in the case of education. She is fully supportive for the welfare of institution that labor to afford the children the condition of learning and teaching and handling appropriate tools for children. The inspirational achievement dilshad from the very early age till the date impress and motivate every viewers and she earn what she worth for. Further life experience of dishad can be viewed through several website and links as followed by necessary medias.