The American TV producer, TV writer, director, executive producer, creator concentrating in crime dramas Miami Vice and Law & Order franchise and Miami Vice, Richard Anthony “Dick” Wolf birthday falls on December 20 and was born in New York city, New York, U.S.A in 1946. In his working career he has collected numerous awards including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Emmy award. Wolf has also authored two books “The Law and Order: Crime Scenes” and “The Intercept” which is nonfiction companion and thriller novel respectively. Wolf joined Saint David’s School, Phillips Academy and the University of Pennsylvania, where he belong to the Zeta Psi group.

 He worked with Benton & Bowels as an advertising copywriter creating commercials. And writing screenplays, he started hoping for a film career, he fleetingly cooperated on a screenplay with Oliver stone. After few years he moved to LA, California and produced three screenplays. One of the films of Dick, showcasing Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly had received some awards. Then to start his TV career, he worked as a staff writer on “Hill Street Blues” and was also nominated for first Emmy for an episode. Then being a supervising producer he moved to “Miami Vice”. He often chooses new comers as spurs for artistes into steady cast roles. He gives first priorities of Real-Life events in his stories.

Dick Wolf has estimated around net worth of $300 million and earns $70 million as his annual salary. It would be really ridiculous to comment him being gay because since many of the people confuse as he is a gay porn star Dick Wolf. He has endured a turbulent love life and had married thrice and has five children. Dick have divorced with his first wife Susan Scranton in 1983 and then divorced to second wife Christine Marburg in 2005 and produce three children from her. And now is in relation with Noelle Lippman whom he married in 2006 and is happy with Lippman and is going to be happy with her.

Dick made his dramatic show Law & Order which started from 1990 ran till 20 years after making the record of successful franchises of TV industry. It also was nominated in Emmy Award for series of primetime drama. He was initiator and administrative producer of NBC's courtroom authenticity series Crime And Punishment which narrated real-life gears sued by office of “San Diego District Attorney’s”. Law & Order itself has been adapted into several foreign versions. He also produced Twin Towers with his company and got Academy Award for his short documentary.

He also made a drama about a group of men and women working for Chicago Fire Department and named the drama as Chicago Fire. In May 2012, this drama was selected by NBC and started the drama to show from 10 October, 2012, with nominal reviews and ratings in the first few weeks before confounding to another drama of NBC “Revolution”. As Wolf’s future projects for NBC he is planning to start UK’s legal drama series Injustice. He has also started writing with Howard Franklin as his latter project.

Dick Wolf has won many awards in his working career. He won 14 awards including Emmy, Grammy, International Emmy and many more total from 19 nominations in his career. He is best known for Crime stories and was the classmate of former president George W. Bush. And was an employer of Fred Thompson, who has in the nomination of Republican President in 2008. His bio can be found on wiki and many other sites and can be followed in Facebook and Twitter.