Deirdre Bolton is a popular news anchor and reporter who is affiliated with Bloomberg Television Network. The 49 years old highly-spirited media personality has done a remarkable service in the media world. Bolton’s contribution in field work is truly worthwhile to praise for. She has broadcast major economic news all across the globe. She has exceptional ability. Certainly she is a very keen market analyst.

Deirdre Bolton was born in 1964 in New York but she spent most of her childhood in Bucks county PA. In her early childhood she had shown a great interest in learning. She was best at learning language. Bolton possess extraordinary language proficiency. She joined the University of Iowa for her higher study from where she came up with a dual degree in English and French literature.

By then she moved to Paris to complete her Masters degree. Perhaps she was well known by the fact that France is one of the most fertile land to study literature. Aside from her academic study, she did explore other aspects of her life. That was a great time in her life. Bolton completed her masters in French literature.

At the beginning of her career she worked for an international bank. That job gave her knowledge of the real world working environment. She collected a great deal of experience which was very advantageous for her further career. In 1999 she started to cover financial report for Bloomberg Television.

Currently she presents a show ‘Money moves’ which primarily covers economic activities like private equity, real estate, venture capital. Bolton has aired ‘New York stock exchange’ ‘The NADAQ’. She has anchored and covered report on behalf of Bloomberg television Network in many big cities such as Chicago, New York, St.Louis, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake, San Antonio. During the crisis period of 2007 and 2008, she served very vigorously for the CBS Network. Indeed quite often she appears in ‘News Now’ show on ABC Network.  Lately many pioneer personalities have been interviewed by her.

She has conducted interviews of many government authoritative, veteran sports figure,  wall street players. Bolton conducted interview with co-founder of Carlyle Group Sam Zell, David Rubenstein, Roger Altman.  She also presented interview of CFO of Nokia Rick Simonson. Moreover President Barack Obama main economist Christina Romer was interviewed by her.  Bolton has covered many business concerned news from all over the United State.  She has also actively taken part in numerous business conference.  She was involved in one of the recognized business conference ‘World Knowledge Forum’ which was held in South Korea. Bolton has served as a very intelligent business analyst in Asia, Europe, United States.

Currently Bolton is running at the age of 49 but still she has dazzling personality. She has got a well proportioned figure. Beautiful and charming news anchor have a very photogenic face.  It is difficult to conceive about her age just at first glimpse. She has demonstrated very unusual ability. She has served for more than a decade.  Bolton has a large number of fan following her in social networking sites. She has a good sense of humor and present herself very friendly in camera. Bolton dresses well. Her dress is often in vogue  exposing her shiny legs and feet. She interacts with her fan on a regular basis through Facebook, Twitter. Her photos are circularized all over the internet. Her information can be collected from Wiki, and other sites.  Deirdre Bolton is married and has two children. Deirdre Bolton is believed to have no boyfriend. Unlike other high profile celebrity Deirdre Bolton & her husband have not divorced yet. Couples are living happy lives. Bolton likes to keep or private affair in low profile. She does not like to expose her personal matter. She believes in secrecy and maintain the privacy of her life. Bolton is a good person at heart.