David Eden Lane was an American white supremacist, author, a neo-Nazi who committed crimes, and was imprisoned for 19 years. Grab all details of his court case, early life, criminal history, imprisonment, and net worth.

David Lane Early Life – Brother, Family

Lane was born in 1938 together with 4 children to a severely alcoholic farmer in Iowa with his brother and two sisters. His father was an alcoholic and use to abuse his wife and children. His father forced his mother to engage in prostitution so he can get the money to buy booze for his thirst.

Eden David
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Due to his father, his older brother became deaf by beating. In 1944 his older brother got jailed for hunting for meals in a neighbor’s garbage containers and moved others (sister and lane) to be placed in foster care.

After four years he was encouraged by a fundamentalist-oriented Lutheran family adopted. His adoptive father, a pastor in various churches in the Texas, Colorado, and Midwestern areas took him to masses and Bible studies, so Lane formed an objection to the Christian religion.

Lane initially earned his living as a realtor but fired from the job for not selling houses to Jewish and black families within the 1970s. Then followed the Ku Klux Klan but kicked out by Fred Wilkins thanks to leadership discussions. Also, find the Biography of Sean Dooley.

David Eden Criminal History

A part of the fright group The Order, David prisoned and punished to 190 years in prison for stealing over $4.1 million. The case filed was for armored car hijacking militaristic training camps, and carrying out several other crimes, racket. Also accused of being associate with the murder of Alan Berg, a Jewish radio talk show host (1983 on Sep 22).

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At an equal time, however, he also refused the conventional, dedicated Americans. Sooner, he formed a nationalist and racist belief that saw the source of all evil in America today. He believes that there should be a white state. His first pamphlet was accordingly about the Death of the White race (the late 1970s).

David Lane At Prison & Obituary

In addition, in prison, he became an advocate of a pagan America that holds to prevent free concerning about Judaism and Christianity (as an area of a Jewish world conspiracy). While Lane developed the ideas publishing out of prison, He formed with his wife Katja in 1995 to promote his ideology which pursued a program of concerted outreach to prisoners.

Eden David in 2007
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Lane was best known in right-wing extreme circles because he the originator of the so-called Fourteen Words – a condensed version of the ideology of yank neo-Nazis. David was one among the founders of the Wotansvolk movement, a racist, neo-volkisch sort of Odinism (or Heathenry).

WOTAN is meant as a paramilitary branch in Louis Beam’s Leaderless Resistance meant to separate the underground fighters from the legal arm of the White Power movement. Besides, he established this association within the first 1990s and this has referred to the Temple of Wotan since 2000.

David Lane died of an epileptic fit on the night of May 28, 2007, in Terre Haute Federal Prison. He left the world at the age of 69 years. Various sites announced David’s obituary. People also check the biography of Television reporter Byron York.

David Lane Books & Net Worth

As David was a criminal he wrote some books such as Deceived, Damned & Defiant The Revolutionary and the next one is Victory Or Valhalla: The Final.

White supremacy Eden is known for his negative roles like stealing over $4.1million, car hijacking, racketing, and killer besides he wrote some of his book which is sold for a good amount of money. As in the American writers, the average salary of writing books is $15,080 per year.

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