David Haffenreffer is mostly known for being married to blonde Lara Christine Von Seelen, host of Good Morning America. David is professionally known as former CNN Journalist. His birthday lies on August of every year. Till the date his biography is not highlighted in any particular biographic sites even including wiki. Till the date he has been sharing happiness of life together with his wife Lara and there is no any probability of getting divorce in coming time.

The former CNN journalist David Haffenreffer was born on August 2, 1967 as David Huffard Haffenreffer Jr. as the son of Susan Haffenreffer and Mr. Haffenreffer Sr. of Providence, R.I. His mother is a clinical social worker for the Bristol Country Community Health Centre in Taunton, Massachusetts. As for his education he has completed his graduation from St. Lawrence University.

Talking about his career start point, there is no so much information about it in any sites. Despite of being a former CNN journalist by profession, his name came in highlighted form just because he married most beautiful anchor of Good Morning America. although it is said that Lara do not have so much potential in work as her husband do but still her beauty is counted in his fame till the end.

Summarizing his personal life, he has always been haunted by a lot of issues regarding to his marriage. The couple are also bound to face corny rumors due to it, some rumors has also stated as the couple are heading towards the divorce very soon. Although they are married for over 13 years but still the media is making different useless statements about their married life. By the time the couple has two children who are also happy as their parents do. As the matter of fact being together for 13 years with same person and without any complain is great thing in itself too.

Since the day the couple got married to each other, they are facing different problems in their career. Being a former CNN journalist, David couldn’t so much fame as he is getting after getting connected to Lara. Their life is very happy in the boundary of his house but outside of it he is always pointed out for the matter of his marriage.

The most handsome and medium build, David is an eligible person with great physique. If he were a bachelor then there is no doubt he would have millions of female fans. He possesses the most desirable personality at the current time. He is one of the most handsome TV personality, which has no doubt also his charming face adds additional glow in his personality. It can be concluded that although he is a married man with two beautiful children but still some group of fans may be getting jealous over him.

His career journey hasn’t summarized in detail till now so it is difficult to say anything on own. But according to some source it is believed that he used to anchor the show called Ahead of the Curve before he joined CNN.

Currently when ever his name is taken, it comes with his wife name too. But being a CNN journalist is not a simple job. People should know him by his work but not by his personal life. It is the fact that they decided to live together, because they were comfortable with each other. He is a hard working guy indeed and he needs to be known by his profession. His actual evaluation should be done by his work instead of making him famous by various useless rumors.