David Edward Kelley was born on 4th April 1956 who is an American writer working in television. He has produced some famous shows including Boston Legal, Picket Fences, Chicago Hopes, The Practice, Boston Public and other shows too. He is creator of the listed shows too. He was born in Waterville, Maine and later raised in Belmont, Massachusetts where he went to Belmont High School. He completed his graduation with bachelors degree in political science from Princeton University in 1979. He got J.D( Juris Doctor) from the Boston University School of Law for writing the Legal Follies. Legal Follies is a comedy group from the students of Boston University Law where annual performances are held. Persuading his study life he then worked for a Boston law firm where he mainly dealt cases related to minor criminals and real estate. His writing of screenplay which he only thought of a hobby later was turned to a movie From The Hip which was produced by Judd Nelson in the year 1987.

His television career started in 1986 where Steven Bochco made him a writer as he was searching for writers from the law background for the series of L.A Law which was to be broadcasted in NBC. He made a progressive move in the work as he was made the executive story editor as well as co-producer. His writing screenplays career made him reach a good spot as he received two Emmy awards for the category of Outstanding Drama series serially for two years. The credit goes all to his writings. In 1992 he established his own company, David E Kelley Productions which produced shows for CBS. He wrote for most of the episodes for three years which was Picket Fences. The show collected 14 Emmy Awards which also included the outstanding drama series which was credited for the first as well as the second season.  He then made a drama relating the medics, Chicago Hope which was premiered in 1994. It telecasted for six years in CBS and it won seven Emmys. His career flourished more when he made a five year deal with the 20th Century Fox Television in 1995. He agreed to produce shows for ABC as well as FOX television networks. The projects that he produced on ABC was The Practice and Ally McBeal on FOX. This was his first two projects for the television networks. He again got the credit from The Practice as it earned two Emmy awards for Outstanding Drama Series. Later for his next show he hired James Spader for Boston Legal as he fired most of the cast from The Practice as it centered on bringing some new character for the new show. His show Boston Legal was premiered on ABC in 2007. This show was second most watched television show which gave a competition to other networks like CBS and NBC. Kelley also wrote for the pilot episode for the series of Wonder Woman which was featured in television but it was rejected by the NBC. In the year of 2013 he began writing for a new show The Crazy Ones which had a cast of Robbin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Lately the show was cancelled due to some problems and issues too.

There had been some serious relationship between Kelley and Michelle Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer was set up on a blind date with Kelley in 1993. Their bond seemed to be strong and in march of the same year Pfeiffer adopted a newborn child Claudia Rose. Kelley and Pfeiffer got married on 1993 November 13. The next year during the month of August they gave a birth to a son and named him John Henry. There were some other rumours related to his marriage life and children as well which proved to be fake.