David Duchovny is the famed Golden Globe award winning actor, director and writer of America. He is widely recognized for his role of Fox Mulder and Hank Moody in the X-Files and Californication. The both of his role gave him Golden Globe award.

The actor was born on 7th August, 1960 in New York City in New York. He is son of Margaret who was the school teacher and administrator and his father Amram Ducovny was a writer and publisher in American Jewish Committee. He has Jewish and Scottish ethnicity. The talented actor went to Grace Church School and The Collegiate School. The both school were for boys and were situated in Manhattan. He is the Princeton University graduate with the degree of B.A in English in the year 1982. Furthermore he is also Yale University graduate with the Master in Arts. But the Ph.D. of his talented actor remained unfinished. During his time in Yale he was the student of Harold Bloom, popular literary critic.

The actor started his career in 1987 with the commercial of Lowenbrau beer. During 1988 he was seen in the two segment of Working Girl. He appeared with the recurring role in the series Twin Peaks as the transvestite DEA agent. He has also successfully hosted the series Red Shoe Diaries which was the long- running show time series. He has also appeared in the biographic film Chaplin with the role of Rollie Totheroh which was directed by Richard Attenborough.  The turning point of his career is recognized as series The X-Flies which was the science fiction in which his character Fox Mulder an FBI agent believed his sister was taken by aliens. The series is considered as the one of the hit series for FOX network. Furthermore he has also seen alongside Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis in Kalifornia. He has also led his voice in the animation series episode The Springfield Files. The actor has been nominated for the four Emmy Awards.

The actor was caught in controversy after it was revealed that he was the main cause to shift the shooting of the X-Files series from Vancouver to LA in 1998. During his tenure in the X-Files he was also seen in the guest role for the TV satire The Larry Sanders Show. He has also led his voice to the several to the video game Area 51 and XIII. The actor has also played in the Sex and City 84th episode. He is also the director of the film House of D. the movie didn’t well in box office. In addition to that he also directed the 211 episode of Bones. The work of him is praised by his X-Files director who stated that Duchovny is one of the best read people he knew so far. The actor has travelled the considerate distance in his career.  It was revealed that David Duchovny and Gillian Andersonare united for another X-file season. Their relationship is considered as the backbone for X –files His works and effort in the film industry is very praiseworthy.

Moving towards his personal bio, he stands 6ft tall and is married to the wife Tea Leoni. The marriage ceremony of the couple took place in 6th May 1997. The couples together have two children. The pair welcomed their first child as daughter Madeleine West Duchovny in April 1999. Their second child as their son Kyd miller Duchovny was born on June of 2002. He himself was former vegetarian who turned as pescertarian in 2007. The actor revealed that he has gone through his sex addiction treatment in 28 august 2008. As he is loyal towards his wife there is confirmed information about his anti-marital affair, girlfriends. But because of some issues his relationship with his wife was not good which let the couple towards the split in June 2011. But there is no news of his conformed divorce.

The more and additional information about him can be obtained from wiki. His fans can also follow their admirer on twitter which has become an easiest way to reach out to the desired person and the actor is big in tweeting. His fan can also look into his personal as well as official website to get his latest update and issues.