Anthony David Harrington is one of the famous singer of America. He is a versatile and a flexible singer. He is a multi-talent personality. He was born on 1971 in December 4. He was born in the famous place of America name Georgia. His birth place name is savanna. His real name is Anthony David Harrington. He is now 42 years old. He often sings R&B songs, neo soul songs and acoustic songs. He is professionally a singer-songwriter. He is a good vocalist and a guitarist. He is active in her profession since 2004 to present. He also is in different labels of music like Brash Music, Universal purpose music group, E1 music. He also established his own websites that is He starts his music career from the very beginning. He is a music lover. He often listen music and sings. His famous song is “word” of 2008, which was one of his hit songs. Many people love this song and recognize him. In this song he sings duet with his best friend India.Arie.

David Anthony is an American guy with a great personality and singing skill. He is strongly built up and has a dark complexion. He is smart and looking cool. He generally wears a typical dress. He also wears a chain and locket. He has a black short hair. He usually make French cut beard. He also has pierced in left side of nose. He speaks American accent. He has a black gorgeous and sexy eye. He looks so dashing. He gave his full performance to the audience. His super songs are liked by many people. He also has earned many fans. He was also followed by many singers. Many newcomers make him an inspirational profile.

David Anthony has born in savanna but make his career in Atlanta. He has done his singing performance in Atlanta. He also has a best friend India.Aries, whom he met in Atlanta. They still were a best friend. India.Aries is also a good singer. He also sings R&B songs. Because of the same profession they became a best friend. His entitled song “Part of my life” is a song album which is also nominated for 7x Grammy award. This song was written for his friend Aries. They were a great friend and also support each other. In 2004 David Anthony has made his new album name Three Chords & the Truth which he released in the year 2004. Then after, he also released his second album The Red Clay Chronicles in 2006. After getting the success in that album, in 2008 he also introduces a new album to the people. It was Acey Duecy. Then after in 2011 he gave his vocal in the album As Above So Below in 2011. His latest album is Love out Loud which he released in 2012. He also sings in single song which is also loved by his fan. He gives his vocal in the songs like Something About You which is released in the date 2007, Words, 4Evermore and Sweet Pain which is released in the date 2012. By his abilities and skill he also won many awards and his songs are also nominated for different nomination categories. He won Grammy Awards in 2009 for the Best R&B performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals: Words. He also won the Image Awards in 2009 for the outstanding new artist and outstanding Duo or Group.

He gave is outstanding performance to the musing living people. He is able to win the hearts of his fan. He is one of the best singing star of America. In his song we find the friendship and love. Because of his talent he is able to earn millions of dollar. We can obtain his bio from wiki also.