Dave Turin popularly known as Dozer Dave got his mainstream popularity after appearing in Discovery’s ‘Gold Rush.’

He runs Turin rock quarry, his family business in Oregon with his father and three brothers.

He held a degree in civil engineering and was an active football player during his college days.

He joined his family business shortly after his graduation. 

After 3 decades in his family business, Dave decided to take a break and appeared in ‘Gold Rush’ via Jack Hoffman’s recommendation. 

Dave and Jack are old church friends

Recognizing Dave’s driven and highly skilled natural leadership, Jack brought him in the show’s first season as an outside consultant.

His excellent work led Jack to feature him full time in his team from the second season.

Dave’s performance in the show eventually leveled up & he was considered as one of the prominent faces of the show until the seventh season.

He left the show in March 2017, following a tempting fight in between shoot. 

However, he has put forth his desire to return to show with a new team if possible.

As of 2018, Dave Turin has garnered a net worth of $2 million.

He has now returned to his family business and has promised his fans to continue with gold mining.