One of the sexiest and hot models Dannie Riel pronounced as Danny Riel is very successful model of the current time. very exotic and glamorous lady with beautiful hair, Dannie’s exotic photos are at high level of demand among male and nevertheless her photos are chosen for wallpapers of laptops and computers at high rate as well. Adding to it Dannie Riel shirts are always in high demand among youth generation. 5 feet and 2 inches tall Dannie shows intense sex appeal among the viewers. She has gone under few surgeries including implants to enhance her beauty. Her detailed biography is available in different sites as well.

Gorgeous Dannie Riel was born on June 16, 1988. She belongs to Canadian nationality. She is a daughter of Chinese and French parents. She had never ever thought her career will be selected in modeling field, she had spent her entire life back at her home province. Very exotic and stunning looking Dannie is labeled as one of the “Sexiest Asian Girl on Earth”. She started her career in modeling but prior to that she had started off on the import scene at Sport Compact Nights and was spotted by Team SCD.

Her beauty has no measure till now; her amazing appearance can get attention of people at even one glance. Those who see her for once cannot resist themselves from being fan of her. five feet two inches tall Dannie has no such value on her height rather than her doll like face covers huge talent. Her intense photographs are all over the internet and are capable to make male fans fantasizing about her. Although she hasn’t got on the top of success like other models but the position she holds at the moment is self made. Her potential has leaded to current place where she resides.

About her personal life, she is believed to be married her long-term boyfriend Ken Nguyen, financial advisor. Some sources has concluded that the couple had seen dating since 2008 and recently they tied to marriage. The couple has incredible relationship between them till the end as there is no complain about each other by now. Apart from general information about her personal life anything else hasn’t disclosed in the public till the end, which makes a sense of the readers should have to wait for certain period to know her with detailed information.

Dannie is well known for her beautiful long hair. Besides that she has also undergone several plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty. Although she had incredible beauty before surgeries but even her beauty has sparked at high level. As her profession requires her to look attractive and beautiful, she has had a breast implant and Botox injected to fixate her look. Adventurous by nature, Dannie loves living life to edge. Her ambitions in life are to become a millionaire and to be known over the world by her profession. Adding to her habit, she is very passionate over internet and messaging, which she wants to get rid of as soon as possible.  

Now-a-days, Dannie spends most of the time in updating her YouTube Channel “The Riel world”. In order to be in touch with her fans and followers, she has account in all possible networking sites. Besides that her fans can also follow her via Facebook and twitter and can get to know her better.

Gorgeous diva also has her innumerable sexy pictures uploaded on Instagram too. Next to it her sexy photographs as also available for computer desktops. Apart from her modeling she also makes money by hosting party events all over the world.