For sure none of other Australian artist can be compared to Daniel John’s legacy. He is regarded as one of the most influential Australian artists. His songs and music often expresses something intangible. The reason behind why Daniel is regarded as one of the legendary artist is because he has succeeded in representing the spirit of youth through music. Indeed he has been a role model for many youths. John has received many awards and honors in his life.

Daniel John was born in 22nd April 1979 in Australia. He was raised in Merewether, New South Wales along with his two sibling. In his early childhood Daniel showed a great aptitude for learning music. He possesses a natural inclination to learn music. When Daniel just turned 12 he created a band with his two friends. They used to practice for a long time in their leisure time. Just in their teenage they got massive exposure after winning a nationwide competition. In 1994 the three young fellows participated in a show named Triple j’s and Nomad which was held by SBS TV. Their performance in the show amazed every audience.  

Ultimately they triumphed which created many big opportunities in their career. By then in 1994 they made a contract with with Sony Music to release their three albums. Perhaps everyone knows what happened after that is history. Daniel wished to name his band ‘Silverchair’ which was greatly influenced by particular band Nirvana. Before that their band was known as Innocent Child. In fact it is an open secret that the band Nirvana is considered as the source of inspiration for them. In 1995 when they released their winning demo a track ‘Tomorrow’ it was a big hit all over Australia. Tomorrow took the #1 position of the Australian single chart for approximately six weeks.

When their debut album was released named ‘Frogstomp’   it was a big hit as everyone had expected. They nearly sold million copies in Australia and around 2.5 million copies all over the world. Again in 1996 they released their new album Freakshow which was followed by Neon Ballroom and Diorama in 1999 and 2002 respectively. Their album Freakshow was not commercially much successful. It failed to meet their expectations.

During those periods John went through many terrible ordeal. He underwent through manic depression. There were rumors that he had started abnormally being dependent on drugs. He even suffered from eating disorder. After a long period of time in 2004 in an interview with Andrew Denton he even disclosed the fact that he nearly committed suicide. Though John had to undergo through many physical and mental illness but he recovered from dreadful illness.

The style of alternative rock and post-grunge can be seen vividly in his music. John had also split with Silverchair and created the Dissociatives in a collaboration with dance producer/musician Mac. Johns.  The Dissociatives experimented with a wide variety of music except grunge. The Dissociatives made a tour with Kim Moyes, Julian Hamilton and James Haselwood. Later in 2005 John decided to reunite with his former band Silverchair. John then started to work on another fresh album titled Young Modern. On 31st March 2007 John’s new album was released in collaboration with his former band. Subsequently he also worked with another Australian band Powderfinger and produced new album entitled ‘Across the great divide’. John always denies to use pitch correction software on the music he creates since he believes that artificial perfection through the use of technology decreases the beauty of music.

In 2002 John had an engagement with his long time girlfriend Natalie Imbruglia. Natalie is a model, singer and actress by profession. Afterward the couple got married in 2003 in the special occasion of New Years Eve. Unfortunately their marriage did not last long. In 2008, Janauray 4th it was officially declared that the couple was on the verge to divorce.

The reason behind the termination of their relationship was simply because they could give sufficient time to each other. Later in July 2008 John started to date Australian Model Louise Van Der Vorst. But again in 2012 the pair split up. Regarding John personal life there has many controversies. According to a report John is gay. He was found kissing a dark haired male. Despite of all such actions which brings disrepute in his life, he is a good-hearted person. John is also a great advocate of animal rights. He has a large number of admirers. In fact he is hero, source of inspiration for many youths. His detail biography can also be obtained from Wiki.