Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is one of the multi-talent and well-known actress of Amerca. She is one of the great actress of Hollywood. Dana Wheeler-Nicholson was born in the capital of America New York City. She was born on October 9, 1960. She was active in her profession since 1984 to present. Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is a multi talent personality. She is a well known actress as well as singer. Her grandfather was a famous book publisher. He has published the famous book, Pioneering American Comic book. His name is Malcolm.

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is a beautiful and attractive actress of Hollywood. She has short wavy brown hair. She has white ethnicity and speaks American accent. She has grey color gorgeous and beautiful eyes. She has clean and glowing skin. She has a good height and slightly built up. She has the good sense of fashion. She has perfectly maintained her body. Her body is so attractive and sexy. She is kind hearted and kind actress.

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is a versatile actress. She plays in many films. She gives her best performances in the film. Because of her talent and skill, she has won the heart of many fans. She also has earns millions of dollar from film industry. She first appears in the movie The Little Drummer Girl in 1984. In this film she played the role of katrin. In 1984, she played in the movie Mrs. Soffel, where she played the character of Jessie Bodyne. In 1985, she played in the film Fletch. In this film, she has the role of Gail Stanwyk. Many people like her character in the film. She got the name and fame from this movie. In 1986-1987, she played the role of Marilyn Stewart in the movie Crime story. In 987, she played in the film The Hitchhiker, in which she played the character of Belinda Haskell. In the period of 1987-1988, she has signed the movie Beverly Hills Buntz, in which she plays the role of Rebecca Giswold. In 1990, she played the role of Lori in the film Circuitry man. In 1991, she played in the film Murder in High places, in which she played the role of unknown person. In 1991, she signed for the film N.Y.P.D Mounted, in which she played the character of Donna Lee Wellington. In 1991, she played in the movie Placed guard, in which she has played the role of Apache. She played in many other films like My Life's in Turnaround, The Night We Never Met, Tombstone, Fortune Hunter, Bye Bye Love, Seinfeld, Frank & Jesse, Denise Calls Up, The Pompatus of Love, The X Files, Nick and Jane, Living in Peril, Jamaica Beat, Sex and the City, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, Sam the Man, Big Apple, What's the Worst That Could Happen?, All My Children. Dana Wheeler-Nicholson has given her best performance in these films. Her film Sex and the City is liked by many people. In 2002, she has played in the movie Without a trace, in which she plays the role of Sarah Pritchard. In 2003, she played the film The battle of shaker height in which she plays the character of Mathilda. She played dozen of films after 2003. She has played in Boston legal, Law and order: Criminal intent, Fast food Nation, The deep end, Dance with the once, The good Guys, 5 times champion, Friday night lights, Blacktino, A gifted man, Winter in the Blood, Parkland, Angels sing, Nashville, 6 years. People love her films. She gave her best performance in the film.

She belongs to the richest celebrity. She has earned millions of dollar. Her total net worth is $500,000. Her abilities and love toward the work take her to the height of success. We can also follow her in different social networking sites.