Dana Maria Perino eminent as Dana Perino is prior press secretary of white house. She obliged under the reign of Former President George W. Bush. Apart from this, she these days work as Political Critics on Fox News as well as hosts The Five on same media network. She was born to Jan and Leo Perino in 1972. Although she was born in Evanston, she was up brought in Denver. After completing her high school from Ponderosa High school, she in 1994 graduated from Colorado State University with Mass Communication.

Moving on to her professional life, she in her university days served KTSC-TV as presenter of political summary program Capitol Journal as well as created public program Standoff. She also worked for KCCY-FM as well as in CBS allied WICA as daily newscaster. She then jumped to Washington D.C as staff subordinate of Scott Mclnnis. After that she served Dan Schaefer as Press administrator for more than four years. After retirement of Schaefer, she alongside her husband moved back to London. After a while in London the couple returned to California. She in 2001, worked as representative for Department of Justice for two years. She in White House gave ideas regarding Media relations, reaching of public, sustainable development. She in White House worked as Associate Director of Communication. She was criticized as she slew the press news regarding Hydrogen Fuel cells as it was creating danger. In 2005, she was appointed as Deputy Press Secretary. She on behalf of Scott McClellan talked with President Bush, his advisors about global environment, energy and its sources. She also discussed about Major announcement regarding press and environmental sector. President Bush appointed her as Press Secretary as Tony Snow was resigning the post due to his health related problems. Perino served White House from 2007 to 2009. She got into accident as Muntadar al-Zeidi threw shoes to Bush in Baghdad. Bush survived but Perino got eye injury due to mike stand in the process of catching the guilty. Perino soon after white house days joined Fox News as political critics. She also presents The Five talk show. President Barak Obama in 2009 designated her to work on Broadcasting Board of Governors and later it was set by Senate in 2010. She as her interest started to instill in George Washington University. Till today from her all work possesses net worth of 4 million dollar.

Moving on to her personal life, she is married to Peter McMahon. She met her future husband in a flight to Denver in 1997. After eleven month of dating, the couple got married. The couple is living a happy life but still has no children. Perino has hot body which can be seen anywhere in internet as well in her public appearances. Her almost perfect physique has height of 5 feet 2 inch as well as toned pair of feet which adds charisma. At the age of 41, she still maintains her body and is busy in her work.

She has high passion for dogs as she owns many of them. She once got arrested in drunk and drive case. Apart from her media field, she also works as book issuing supervisory for Random House.

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