Dale Lymoine Robertson was an American actor who kept his name Dale Robertson in  his career and was known for the roles in his television. He was born on 1923 July 14th in Oklahama County.  He used to feature in the NBC/ABC television. He used to star as investigator Jim Hardie for the series Tales of Wells Fargo. He had also done the role of Ben Calhoun in ABC’s The Iron Horse. He played as the owner of an incomplete railroad track. Before his acting and television career he was a professional boxer. After that he got enrolled in the Oklahama Military Academy which was situated in Claremore. He had served in the military some time before his acting profession . He served in the United States Army during the time fo World War II and was wounded twice.

He started his acting career when he was serving in the army. Once he decided to take a photograph and send it to his mother. So he and his crew went to Hollywood in order to find a photographer and take a picture. Later his photo was displayed in the photograph’s shop window. The photo had a postive impacts to the film agents who wanted to represent him in the movies. He started to receive letters for casting in the movies. After his acting and television career started, he mostly played in the western shows in the television and also in the western movies. The television series Tales of Wells Fargo which used to be telecasted on NBC from 1957 to 1961 was one of the remarkable work which Robertson had acted in. he had his own way of presenting himself and representing his morality and his different matters of law. He was regarded as one of the actor having great senses in every move. His unique body physique was stunning and was stated having height of 6ft and having the weight of 180 pounds. His body figure is clearly and shown in an amazing way where he acted bare-chested and giving a scene of fixing a fence. It was a great appeal to the young women of that era. The season which was telecasted in 1966 and 67 in ABC’s The Iron Horse had a star cast of Robertson. Dale had managed to give a successful performance in hosting Death Valley Days as Robert Taylor. The role was then to be done by Stanley Andrews and Ronald W. Reagan who was to be the future U.S President. The Death Valley Days was then modified to Trails West along with Ray Milland who was the role as the revised host. The season was rebroadcasted. He was not credited for the lead role that he had done in the episode’s of CBS’s Murder and also appeared in the series of She Wrote with Angela Lansbury. The Ford Show also starred as himself in 1960 which was telecasted in NBC. The show also featured Tennessee Ernie Ford. Similar appearance was made by Robertson in 1962  in the ABC’s The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show. At the age of 63 he received the Golden Boot Award. He also gave a role in Dallas where he did the role of  Frank Crutcher in half dozen episodes. In the year of 1999, he got the award for television and movie which was given by the American Cowboy Culture Association in Lubbock, Texas.

After his career in some late years he used to live with his wife Susan Robbins as he was married in 1980. His death was shocking to the Hollywood, he died of lung cancer and due to pneumonia. His bio can be found in wiki and other search sites.