Dagmar Midcap was born on 1969 in Canada, and was raised in the religious family in Vancouver. One of the top lady journalists Dagmar’s professions cannot be streamlined in a single thread of sentence. As for her personal biography she has got the great height of 5 feet 6 inch accompanied by great figure measurements. She always appears in dynamic personality and adorable smile even at her older age. She is not yet tied to married life with her husband, but is happy in her relationship status. Her boyfriend’s suicide had left great sorrow in her life. Any statement about her being fired from television network is just a hoax made by media as the fact is she was away by her will. She is constantly available on twitter as her fans and followers can get in contact to her personally.

Midcap is vivacious and charming by nature in both real and professional life. Her family had always expected her to build her career in entertainment sector for which she was enrolled herself in broadcast journalism program. She persuaded her graduation degree from Columbia Institute of technology. Later her career started in 1990 with WNNX-TV in Akron, Ohio. There she hosted “Weekly current affairs” program. She gained worthy appreciation from her work as was held by the position for 9 years. Her next job of traffic and weather reporter for VTV didn’t continue till long time as she was quickly shifted to Global Television’s BCTV morning show as an anchor.

In 2007, she was returned to United States to join WGCL-TV, affiliation to CBS there she carried her former duties of weather and traffic anchor.  Later in 2010 she resigned from the job due to great loss of life, as a statement she had stated as emotional and physical distress. She was out of the media for an year and after 1 year she resumed her career as the weekday evening weather reporter for KNSD-TV in San Diego, California. At present she is very happy with her job and doing well in San Diego.

As her unique name, Dagmar is unique in her personality too. She has the power to bind viewers by her soothing voice, pretty face and most of the all down-to-earth personality which makes her fairy combo. She is not only beautiful on the exterior but equally on the interior, she is fond of smiling being face to face. Charm of her face can please people very easily. She is hot and smart with perfect body measurements. There is a fact about her which says she can lead herself wherever she wants to stand.

At age of forty four, she has still her youthful charming looks. It is said that as she lives in the society that encourages healthy living and working out regularly. Her usual attires includes tight sweaters and suitable skirts which helps her to show her legs in front of cameras. Her dynamic personality and an adorable smile almost makes her viewers to TV screen.

Talking about her personal life biography, she has not yet married nor have a husband. she is enjoying her life as being in a relationship. She had a boyfriend though who committed suicide back in 2009. The tragic death had a massive impact on her life. But eventually, she confronted her and raised over her grief. Later on she moved on beautifully and currently she is doing well in her profession line.

Besides of her being journalist, she had acted in multiple films including television series. Her feature films include Air Bud and Cat woman. More about her life can be extracted from wiki and other sites relating to her. Additionally her fans can follow her at the twitter and get to know her in a better way.