Born on May 27, 1956, in Lewiston, Maine, US, Cynthia McFadden has emerged as a leading news correspondent in modern times. Cynthia is widely known for hosting Nightline, an ABC network show. Except from that, once in a while viewers can catch her on ABC news special show Primetime. Cynthia has been nominated for Emmy Awards for her work. Aside from that multiple other awards are bestowed upon her for her distinct contribution to the network. Cynthia has served to a great degree to a media sector and achieved a bona fide celebrity status in her profession. Cynthia embarked on her professional career in 1984 and so far she is actively engaged in her service.Currently she is contributing as a senior legal correspondent for the network. 









The news became very popular that Cynthia McFadden was adopted by her parents & her biological parents are still unknown. She disclosed this fact in March 2013. She grew up in Lewiston, a place where she spent most of her childhood period. She was enrolled at Bowdoin College in Brunswick from where in 1978 she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa cum laude. Following her graduation, Cynthia went to New York City. There she attended Columbia Law school and completed her Juris Doctorate degree in 1984.

Cynthia McFadden started to file a report as on air correspondent for ABC Network in 1994, covering a vital event like OJ Simpson Trial. She was placed in a network as a legal correspondent. Prior to that, McFadden had contributed as an executive producer Fred Friendly. In addition to that she was also affiliated with Coutroom Television Network where she served as an anchor and producer. McFadden remained there for approximately three years. In 1996, she held a position of correspondent in Primetime. As a correspondent of Primetime she undertook many difficult task. Cynthia worked hard and was promoted to anchor of Primetime in 2004. Previously also on many occasions Ted Koppel used to be substituted by McFadden. Since 2005 McFadden, Martin Bashir and Terry Moran have radically changed the nightline show. In her show Cynthia has presented many entertaining news. The long time anchor, Martin Bashir departed from the show having a breach in relation after he reported every detail of interviews with famous singer Michael Jackson. In 2010 Bill Weir filled in for Martin Bashir. As an anchor McFadden sat down on one-on-one interview with many popular celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood. In 2005 after the bomb blast in London, Cynthia went to Pakistan and interviewed former president Pervez Musharraf. Moreover former president Tony Blair, US secretary of State Hilary Clinton was interviewed by her. McFadden has secured exclusive right to interview many prominent world leaders. Cynthia’s coverage of key national and international events brought her wide attention and heightened her career.

Outside of her professional career, McFadden is an active participant in many other social works. McFadden is included in the list of board member of the international Women’s media foundation. In 2008,  a website was launched for women with a sole aim to discuss about wide range of topics such as politics, culture and other social gossip, McFadden had contributed in launching a website. In addition to that Cynthia has created many special documentaries and appeared on special shows of ABC. Cynthia is also known as advocate of gay marriage.

About her private life, McFadden tied a marital knot with Michael John Davies on September 9, 1989 who was by profession an editor and publisher. The couple experienced conjugal bliss for sometime but afterward the pair filed for divorce. In 1996 they were legally separated. She remarried to James Hoge who was a foreign affairs editor by profession. In 1998 Spencer Graham McFadden Hoge was born as her first child. She has named her child after the late star Spencer Tracy, one of her favorite actors.  McFadden is dazzlingly beautiful media icon. At the moment she is running at the age of fifty six. The pretty news anchor has lost thirty five pounds weight and now looks much younger than her actual age. She has a beautiful and shiny legs and feet which she exposes in her show. When her fans throw a glance at her figure, they simply assume that she must have undergone through plastic surgery. Her biography and other details can also be obtained via Wiki and official site of ABC News Network.