Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos is widely famous by his business name Criss Angel. He is one of the famous magician and illusionist of America. He has been making big amount of money from the field he has chosen. According to current estimation his net worth has calculated to be of $30 million dollars. He is tall built of height 6 feet and has his body inked with tattoos. Apart from wiki, he has interesting biography including his marital status with her long tern girlfriend with whom he was married at the age of 40. Always secretive by nature never interested to introduce his wife in public instead of it he has seen with different girls at different time. His well built body and charm of his personality is well famous in gay community as well.

One of the most powerful and talented magician, Criss Angel was born on December 19, 1967 in Hempstead, New York. For the education he is graduated from East Meadow High School. It was when he developed his interest in magic and later he took decision against his parents to be a magician in future. Later he drop out his college to pursue his career in magic field. He has been considered as one of the most talented and inspirational magician of time to many new comers. In the short span of time he has gained huge fame as a strongest magician of time.

Recently he is widely famous for his television program Criss Angel Mindfreak which is his live act illusion program started in association with Cirque du Soleil. His famous magic acts includes levitating, walking on water, Luxor Hotel up side walking and there are many more.  Apart from his magic skills he was seen in the CSI:NY episode as the magician Luke Blade in 2007. In addition he was also seen in the commercial of popcorn Pop-Up Bowl. He is gifted person with extraordinary magical skills.

It is widely known fact that magic is nothing but trick of mind but still his extraordinary illusions have made people to be fan of him. They admire him for his remarkable skill and follow him with great passion.  He has been famous among huge mass of people but still some like to call him fraud. There are many sites which include himself revealing secret of his magic but still his hard work and hundred and one percent dedication and his significant approach to gain attention cannot be ignored. His accomplished career as a magician has helped him to earn net worth of $30 million whereas anything about his salary hasn’t disclosed yet.

Talking about his personal life, he was married to his long term girlfriend JoAnn Winkhart in 2002 but after four years of duration the couple departed due to some reason. Though she was seen in various shows but he never introduced her as his wife rather than he got his name linked with several girls. He has dated many girls including Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison, Sandra Gonzalez. Despite of his playboy nature he is kind hearted human being.

Saying about his personal profile, he is 6 feet in height with tattoos in his body. He is proportionally well buildup person, his image of hot and shirtless with tattoos are available all over internet. His appearance in not only famous among girls department but also in gay community.

Millions of people are overwhelmed by his outstanding talent. They all are very eager to know about him in more detailed form. He has also created his own site which can provide more information about him. Biography of such phenomenal magician is also available in wiki. For more detail he is also available in twitter.