Courtney Reagan is a promising new face in the television news industry. She has made her way into the sector climbing up rapidly I her career in short period of time. She is associated with CNBC. She is American she was born in America. Her date of birth is November 8, 1982. She was brought up in Ohio by her parents. She is a graduate of Centerville High School. She holds her bachelor’s degree in finance and mass communication from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is also pursuing her MBA at New York University Stern School of Business. Reagan was always fascinated by the news presentation. She had an intense passion for news delivery as depicted from the fact that she used to read aloud the newspaper while she was a child.

Reagan has been working for CNBC since 2006. It started with her participation in NBC Page Programs. She worked with NBC and Weekend Today as program host. She made her way into the stage of prominence through tremendous hardship. Starting as news desk producer she was promoted to the post of Segment Producer, and to business Headline Anchor. Finally she landed up becoming General Assignment Reporter. She has that potential and enthusiasm to make further progress in her career; she is still young and has plenty of time to advance to schieve a greater height. Besides she also works of New York stock exchange contributing the happenings about NASDAQ, FOREX and other current market to CNBC. Prior to joining CNBC she has worked with ESPN and Merrill Lynch. She was engaged in presentation of College Football and athletics with Miami-based Radio and TV.

Reagan is one of those rare ones blessed with both beauty and brain. She is gorgeous; she is hot. As an interesting matter of fact, she was chosen Queen of Holiday at Home Pageant. She possesses the grace and charm sand has ability to bind the viewers to TV screen. She is young, multi-talented and hard-working professional woman. She is just thirty one years of age. She has good height, stands five feet and few inches tall. She cares for her appearance while on-screen. She makes her program more interesting. She dresses up in a manner which can drag the attention of viewers and at the same time maintain her clean image. She usually appears on tight fitted skirt exposing her beautiful seductive legs and feet in an elegant manner. She is fashion conscious person and her outfits are stylish as well as profession appropriate at the same time. She grooms herself exceptionally well. She has the natural beauty which she enhances by right amount of makeup. She is after all the dreams of many male fans. Her good looks hold a tremendous amount of credit in her success.

Speaking about her personal life biography, she is still single woman. She is quite secretive person. She doesn’t really talk about her private life in public. It’s clear that she is much dedicated towards her work and study and doesn’t like to get engaged in romances. It may be so that she has no time or she is not interested. Since she is not married she doesn’t have a husband. But it’s still a mystery whether she has a boyfriend or not. She is beautiful and successful and admired by people around her as well as her viewers. It can be said that she hasn’t found her right match. To add to her personal interest she loves music, grew up listening music and loves to hang out with friends in music concerts in her free time. She is generous lady. She is member of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network of New York.