Colm J. Meany is an Irish actor who was born on the 30th of May in the year of 1953. The multi-talented actor is mainly known for his acts and performances in the movie Star Trek: The Next Generation and also its another series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He has appeared in other Star Trek Franchise as well. He is considered as the second actor after Michael Dorn to feature in the movie series of Star Trek. Colm was born in Dublin where he studied acting. He was just fourteen at that time and then later got enrolled in Abbey Theatre School of Acting. He attended the acting classes after he completed his secondary school. Meany then got the chance to be the member of the Irish National Theatre. He worked for about eight years in England where he was associated with different theatres. Meaney toured with the theatre companies at that time.

Colm made his first appearance in the television when he gave his screening in Z-Cars on BBC1. He gave the screening in the year 1978. After he acted for the television series he got the opportunity to appear in some other shows as a guest. Some of the shows are Remington Steele and Moonlighting. He guest appeared in the shows before he became a noticeable act in the Hollywood and the movies. Some of his great achievements are that he got nomination for the Best Actor in the Golden Globe Awards. He got nominated for the role in the movie, The Snapper. His first appearance in the Star Trek movie was in the year 1987 where he appeared in the episode Encounter At Farpoint. The episode was the part of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He did the role of a helm officer where his name is not revealed and then he began to appear in the series regularly and later got the role of Miles O’Brien.

After he did the Star Trek: The Next Generation, he got another habitual role in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He got the role till the year 1999 and remained as the regular cast in the series. He had total of 225 appearances in the Star trek franchise. He is follow up to the actor Michael Dorn in the Star Trek series. Then in the year 1994 he got the role of Colum O’Hara in the series of Scarlett. The series is the sequel to the show, Gone With the Wind. Meaney also did a role in the television series of Stargate Atlantis. He played the role of Cowen where he is shown as the leader of Genii. He also did a guest role in the series of Law & Order and another series, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. His some another appearances can be seen in the ABC series of Men In Trees where he portrayed Bob O’Donnell.

He is also the only artist who has appeared in all the movies of The Barrytown Trilogy. The movie is the fim adaptation from Roddy Doyle and Meaney did the role of  father of the Rabbitte family. There were some copyright issues and his name got altered from movie to movie. He has also given some of his stage performances which is the Old Vic production. His appearance was in A Moon for the Misbegotten which was also the co-production of Eugene O’Neill. He also has featured in British movie titled Three and Out. The movie was released in the United Kingdom on the 25th of April in the year of 2008. Then in the same year during the month of July he was shown in the postage stamp as Joe Mullen in the movie, Kings.