Collin Levy is an American editor. She works at The Wall Street Journal as a senior editorial page writer. She is based in Washington, D.C. Before her career in The Wall Street Journal, she worked at the White house for two years as the speech writer of then President Bush. Besides that, she has also made a few television appearances in shows such as The Journal Editorial Report.

She is a native of Chicago, United States as she was born and spent most of her early life there. Her exact birth date has not been revealed yet and there is not much information and little is known about her family how she was raised and her early childhood. About her education, she attended the Vassar College and graduated from there. There is no further information on her early life.

She started her career in with The Wall Street Journal in the year 1997. At the start she was assigned the post of an editorial assistant and reporter. She worked for the journal editor Bob Bartley then. After working as an assistant and reporter for two years, she was promoted as an editorial writer and was based in New York. In the year 2001, she was transferred to Hong Kong. During that time she was actively involved in writing about India, Japan and Pakistan, covering all the important news in the areas. She stayed in Hong Kong for a year and then returned back to New York. Upon her return, she started serving as an assistant features editor of the Manager’s Journal Column. Besides that, she had also worked at the New York Post and Seattle Times as a weekly op-ed columnist.

Like her early life, Collin has kept her personal life hidden from the scrutiny of the media. From what is known, she is a married woman. Her husband is Andy Levy. He is a television personality, commentator and humorist working at the Fox News Channel. The wedding took place in her home but the exact date of the wedding is not known. From the looks of it, she is living a happy family life and they are very unlikely to go for divorce in the future.  She seems to be balancing her personal and professional life well and her husband is supporting her to do her best.

Although Collin has not revealed her exact age, she seems to be in her thirties. But it is also possible that she has maintained her youth and is actually older than she looks. She seems to have has an average height and balances her height with a matching weight. She is of slim built and is yet to reveal her exact body measurements but it is not very hard to guess that she has a curvaceous body with round, firm breasts, slim waist and full hips. She can easily slip into a bikini and will undoubtedly look very hot in it. That will definitely be a sight to see for her numerous fans. She wears stylish outfits during her shows subtly showing off her deep cleavage, sexy legs, and pretty feet. She has captivating on screen presence and can keep the viewers glued to the TV sets for long. She is an active user of popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. She is also an avid blogger and usually updates her blog every now and then. She gets up close with her numerous fans and followers through her blog and accounts constantly updating them with the latest news and events. Her full biography is not available anywhere on the internet not even on the Wiki, but the official site of the Wall Street Journal has her short bio.