Clifton Powell is an amzing American actor and also acts as a good comedian for the viewers and audiences. He was born on the 16th March in the year of 1956. He was born in the Washington D.C in the United States. He has been known famously for the role of Pinky in the comedy movie titled Next Friday which was released in the year 2000. The sequel of the movie was released after two years which was in 2002 and was titled Friday After Next. The comedy movie was considered as one of his best acts.

Going on with powell’s career he has also acted in several other movies of different genre. Some of the movies includes Chain letter which was a Indie Thriller movie and it got quite appreciation from the audiences, another movie was Menace II Society which was released in the year 1993 and did the role of Chauncy. Then in the year of 2009 he got to play the role of Bowman in the movie which was titled Just Another Day. The movie is about a young rapper whose financial condition is not so strong who is Young Eastie and has the opposite role of a successful rapper is much successful. It is also about A-Maze along with the trials and suffering in a day. Most of the audiences and viewers compare his appearance to the famous musician Otis Redding. He has done several movies after that.

Clifton Powell appeared in more than 70 movies altogether and has been in the film industry since the year of 1988. He continued his acting career till 2012. He first made his appearance in the movie Colors and later he got to feature in the movie, House Party which was released in the year 1990. Then in 1992 and 1993 he did # Ninjas and Menace II Society respectively. Powell had a cameo in the movie Dead Presidents. Then in the year 1998 he did about four movies. The movies that he appeared are Deep Rising, Caught Up, Why Do Fools Fall In Love and along with the hit movie Rush Hour. He did more movies in the next year which was in 1999. He appeared in five movies. The movies were Selma, Lord, Selma, Hot Boyz, The Breaks and also in No Tomorrow. Then in the year 2000 Powell featured in 3 movies which were Lockdown, Next Friday and also in Crime Partners. He did a role in the movie The Brothers which got released in the year 2001. He also did another movie titled Bones which was released in the same year. In the year of 2002 he did two movies which were titled Banged Out and Friday After Next, which is the sequel to the movie Next Friday. His other movies in the same year are Civil Brand and Play’d: A Hip Hop Story. His latest act can be seen in the movie Shake which was released in the year 2012. Along with movies, he has also been active in some of the television shows which includes Law & Order, CSI, Numb3rs. His latest featured show is Unsupervised which was in the year 2012. He also did the role of Big Smoke in GTA: San Andreas video game.

On the 23rd July, Powell was accused of sexual assault. He failed to speak against accuse and the filed report about him which was filed in New Orleans, Louisiana. The judgment was made making him guilty and causing the victim several damages and got recorded in the home state of California. A step was also taken against him which was seizing his property to complete the debt owed to the victim, Plaintiff.