Clay Morris, formally known as Clayton Morris, is one of the known conservative Tech analysts also an American nationality radio technology host for the Fox News. He currently is active as a co-host on “Fox and Friends Weekend” on the Fox News Channel which airs at 5 pm EST. Morris, a pioneer in the field , also appears on the rotating panel of Fox’s show “Outnumbered”,  where  he has gained much popularity as a contributer to the network from the year he joined in. Born on December 31st, 1976, Morris has proved as an asset to the network for continuous and dedicated work on his job.

Born in Spring Township which is located in the hearts of Pennsylvania, Morris is said to be of an immigrant Greek family that he considers himself lucky to be a part of.  As a teenager, Clayton had the willingness to work as a reporter just for the sake of his own and the feeling that he got from it. He is seen interested in sports as he claims himself to be a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. He attended his graduation helping education from the Wilson High School in the earliest years. And in the up-coming years, Morris then graduated from University of Pittsburgh, this was for a bachelor’s degree and he had majored in French and Journalism. Clayton was well fluent in his writing as he wrote tech commentary for His University’s college newspaper. Morris, still not content, went onto pursue post-undergraduate studies for his satisfaction, at the Sorbonne. He is fluent in many languages as he is proficient in French, Spanish and Greek. Morris is said to now reside in New York City. About His career, Morris who is now working as a part of a recognized ensemble  which is to feature mostly as a relatively family-friendly show entitled Fox & Friends Weekend and one of the rotating male penelists of the show “The Daily Buzz” that  tackle the top and the most urgent headlines of the country from all possible angles, views and perspectives. Apart from his role at the Fox & Friends, Morris has worked as a famous host of the nation-wide radio talk show of His name “The Clayton Morris Show”. Being an accomplished writer, he is known for writing a syndicated and descriptive column, credits for the Fox Daily News. A degree in communications has lead him to serve on various occations for a couple of high-profile techniically-inspired campaigns.

With a well-toned body, Clayton is one of the hot looking men in the news casting world. With a figure to die for, he is able to make even the impression of a supermodel on women who glance at him. Standing in the height of 5’ 4’’, his body can be taken as a healthy one and one which is ideal for a man of his age. There are no actual stats about what his weight is. His good-look pictures are the most viral in the web as they entice his female fans by presenting his attractive demeanor every time he has a hot photo uploaded. He has a net worth of $1.5 million. It is rumored that he keeps low keys about his personal life. He is as silent when it comes to making a comment about his personal relations and affairs. There are no proper mentions of either his girlfriend or maybe a coming wife. But he is rumored to have been engaged in an affair and is silently dating someone named Natali Morris. For now he is not married and he might stay like that for time being.

An ever-versatile news reporter, Clayton Morris is been able to win the hearts of his viewers as well as his fans with an ever-charming face. He is one of the most remarkable women to have made the news casting world a fond for others to watch. He can be seen engaged online via Facebook and twitter.