Cindy Day is a notable broadcast meteorologist correspondent for CTV Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Cindy has an intense passion for scientific discipline. Her keen interest towards the atmospheric condition dates back to her early childhood. For sure Cindy’s life is shaped and directed by her childhood experience. The knowledge and skill which she accumulated during her childhood did exert influence in her adult life. Her grandmother had an acute observing capacity and could draw a fine distinction about atmospheric conditions. As a child she was inspired by her grandmother. She was always eager to investigate and learn more and more.

Cindy Day was born in March 26, 1967. Cindy was raised by her parent in a dairy farm in Brownsville, Ontario. She spent her childhood in a place surrounded by a rich natural beauty which gave her a positive motivational influence. She attended Mc Gill University to complete her graduation. While doing her graduation she surpassed the knowledge of meteorology. She was eager and enthusiastic student and eventually distinguished herself as a pioneer in the field of Meteorology.

She commenced her career working as meteorological equipment technician at Environment Canada. At the McDonald Cartier Airport she was assigned a duty to inform pilots about the state of weather condition. She did a superb job at the McDonald Cartier Airport. Her direct involvement in such activities helped her to comprehend the real world working environment. Finally it caused her to undertake the position of anchor at CFRA Radio. There she hosted a program named ‘Ottawa AM’. It was a great opportunity for her since she used to anchor regularly on a private radio station in Canada. By then she also brought forth her own program titled ‘Weather By Day’. The program was created with the aim to predict how the weather will develop and about the environmental condition. In 2007 she was affiliated with CTV. Cindy substituted one of the favorite meteorologist Peter Code who left CTV Atlantic to serve at CBC television. Peter Code had contributed for 17 years at CTV and ASN. Prior to joining CTV she had jointly anchored at Global Maritimes along with Allan Rowe. She has also been one of the most tenacious news anchors at Global Maritimes. At the moment Cindy Day is recognized as one of the top meteorologist who has surpassed excellence.

Apart from being a renowned Meteorologist, Cindy is also brilliant author. She has authored a book entitled ‘Grandma Says’ . The book is masterpiece explaining the meteorological condition. In her book she has elegantly expressed her idea regarding atmospheric phenomenon. In her book she has described the skill and understanding behind the traditional weather lore. she has given a very explicit view how the people in the past used to forecast the atmospheric condition with the knowledge which is periodically accumulated over the time.

At the moment she is running at the age of forty six. Yet she is unmarried. Though she might have some affair in her life but nothing much is made known to public. Cindy is a kind of person who does not like to expose much about her private life. One can easily assume that she loves solitary life. Like  many other media celebrities she has not involved herself in scandal. She likes to keep her private life in a very low profile. Cindy beliefs in work ethics and is constantly doing her job with great enthusiasm and dedication. She rarely talks about her private life with any news channel.

On October 29, 2007 something very unexpected event happened in her life. Cindy got a very unpleasant email, somebody warned Cindy that she would be killed. Later the man was arrested for threatening but surprisingly he was not convicted.

Cindy is fond of having chocolates. Aside from her personal life she enjoys working in a garden, playing golf, and cooking delicious foods. Cindy prefers to go to Spa when she feels tiresome. Cindy has also a hobby of collecting Umbrellas. Cindy interacts with her admirer through twitter and Facebook. If anyone likes to know much about her then her biography can be found in Wikki and her official sites.