Christiane Amanpour is a widely known and esteemed international news anchor. At present she has earned a reputation as a preeminent international news correspondent. Undoubtedly, Amanpour is an efficient journalist who has covered many major events from all across the globe. For her outstanding service to the media sector, she has won numerous prestigious awards and honors. In the long run of her life Christiane has accomplished success to utmost level that every woman would desire. Despite of being a role model for countless woman her personal life and her opinions, view has been a bone of contention between audiences and her contemporary.

Christiane Amanpour is a cross breed who was born of an Iranian father and English mother on January 12, 1958. Her parent were completely from different origin and background. Christiane’s father was a Muslim from Persia (modern Iran) whereas her mother was devoted to a catholic church. Although she was born in London, England but she spent her childhood in the capital city of Iran from where she did not return until she reached 11. She received her early education in Tehran. Quickly after completing her primary education she was sent back to London by her parent. During the transitional phase of Iran’s political scenario her family fled from Iran. In London Christiane was admitted to Holy Cross Convent which is situated in Buckinghamshire. By then at the age of sixteen she attended New Hall School which is located in Chelmsford, Essex, there she completed her high school. As soon as she finished her study in New Hall School, Christiane went to the United States. There she joined the University of Rhode Island to study journalism. It was there, she showed a keen interest in the field of journalism. In 1983 she earned a degree in Journalism. During those periods in Providence, Rhode Island she served at WBRU-FM. Apart from that she had also worked as an electronic graphic designer in WJAR which is NBC affiliated.

It was only when she was affiliated with CNN cable news channel in 1983, she got massive exposure. Her affiliation with CNN news network proved to be a milestone in her career. Christiane was assigned a duty of covering the war between Iran and Iraq. It was the first major responsibility that she carried out which eventually caused to extend her responsibility and in the meantime she was given the task to present the report on the collapse of communism in the most of the part of eastern Europe. Amanpour covered all such vital events with a very cautious approach which brought her broad attention. She has travelled in numerous war zone all across the globe. Quite often she has been appreciated for being invulnerable to fear. Amanpour has presented the heartbreaking story of the Bosnian war, Persian gulf war. Certainly her daring act is worthwhile to praise for.

Amanpour was also dragged into controversy and criticism for excessively being emotional during her delivery of a report from Sarajevo. The critiques have alleged her of being biased and forgetting her professionalism. Many viewers suspected that her reports lacked authorization and she was simply favoring Bosnian Muslims.

Amanpour has presented the report from many extreme danger situations. She has presented the report from the numerous conflicting zones like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Palestine. Apart from that she has successfully conducted the exclusive interview of world leaders like former president Mohammad Khatami, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Tony Blair. She also interviewed Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf. This internationally acclaimed journalist has many tremendously wonderful events in her career. Her life can be summed up as a “will and triumph”.  

Regarding her personal life, she is married to James Rubin who is by profession a journalist, diplomatist. Well, talking about her ethnicity, religion and nationality there are very intriguing facts. Amanpour by birth belongs to Iranian ethnicity but however she is a Christian who married Jewish husband. Although by birth she is a British citizen but later she adopted American citizenship. The couple has a son called Darius Rubin. Christiane total net worth is estimated to be around $12.5 million dollars. Her detail biography can also be obtained from Wiki. Christiane also interacts with her admirer via twitter.