One of rising stars in the world of Hollywood, Chris Pine is a legendary icon with hundreds of reasons to be called so. American actor Chris Pine was born on August 26, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Chris Pine is of American nationality and was named Christopher Whitelaw Pine during his birth. He has been serving the world of Hollywood since the year 2003. He has been part of some all-time great movies like Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Just My Luck, This means War, Rise of The Guardians and many more. He is well appreciated for his role in these movies.

Chris Pine has also worked in various television shows to expand his lane of working. Chris Pine was born as a son of an actor Robert Pine and former actress Gwynne Gilford who currently is serving as a psychotherapist. Chris pine has a sister named Katie. He was born in a family which was hugely linked with the world of Hollywood which made his career get a breakthrough quiet easily. But it’s his dedication and talent that has dragged him to the light of success he stands today.

Chris Pine explains himself as an agnostic. Pine is an educated personality who attended Oakwood School and earned his bachelor’s degree in English from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley in the year 2002.  He also attended University of Leeds in U.K for one year and was a part of American Conservatory Theater located in San Francisco. Challenging his own abilities and expanding his horizon of working, Chris Pine has pushed himself to the height of success he stands today through the dedication and hard work of years. He stands as one of the most successful actors in the world of Hollywood. His acting and versatility to serve various roles really makes him a sensational actor.

He has been part of various movies and television shows like:


Why Germany? Of 2004, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement of 2004, Confession of 2005, The Bulls of 2005, Surrender Dorothy of 2006, Just My Luck of 2006, Blind Dating of 2006, Smokin’ Aces of 2006, Bottle Shock of 2008, Star Trek of 2009, Carriers of 2009, Beyond All Boundaries of 2009, Small Town Saturday Night of 2010, This Means Ear of 2012, People Like Us of 2012, Rise of the Guardians of 2012 etc.  Movies Like Into the Woods, Horrible Bosses 2, Z for Zachariah of 2015 are in post-production.

Television Shows:

ER of 2003, The Guardians of 2003, CSI: Miami of 2003, American Dreams of 2005, Six Feet Under of 2005, Saturday Night Live of 2009, Robot Chicken of 2014.

Video Games:

Star Trek of 2013.

Chris Pine’s filmography can be studied further in wiki.

 Expanding his horizon of success utilizing her abilities and talent he has drawn an irreplaceable place in the world of Hollywood. The determination of years has made him stand in the social and economic position he is today. He stands as a role model to those people who seek the light of success through dedication and determination. He sets a perfect example than the success holds no other shortcuts than hard work. Dedicated from his very early days, now he stands as an economically well-established actor holding the net worth of more than $20 million American dollars.

Chris Pine is well known for his unique hairstyles. Chris Pine has a height of 6 feet 0.5 inches. In an interview Chris Pine explains he has no girlfriends and is happy to be single. There was a rumor that Chris is a gay. Whatever the fact is it can never shadow that Chris Pine is a sensational actor. His bio is available in wiki and he can be followed in twitter.