The American specialized basketball player playing for Los Angeles Clippers of NBA alliance Chris Paul was born on May 6, 1985 at Lewisville, North Carolina was named Christopher Emmanuel Paul at birth. He was the second child of Charles Edward Paul and robin Jones. His parents were early day’s friends and before they got, they were part of Dreamland Park Baptist. Charlie Paul and his elder brother C.J. Paul used to spend their summer vacation working at the overhaul station possessed by his mother side grandfather Nathanial Jones. They used to maneuver the money catalog, rotary ties and altering air sifts. Paul used to consider his grandfather as his best friend and the source of inspiration of his life.

Talking about Paul’s early life, born in the athlete family as his father was the former sportsperson. Throughout his childhood days his father couched and trained him playing basketball a football and he made hi participate in diverse childhood events. As being an exceptional sportsperson he had won several national competitions related to basketball and indulges himself with football playing for numerous tournaments. He joined West Forsyth High School located at North Carolina in the year 1999. His brother was also in the same school where he was the leading light at point guard. Despite of his short height he was qualified to play for JV basketball team. Paul got the chance to share the court with his brother only for fifteen seconds when they were attending sophomore year.

Later upgrading his basketball skills and emerging his stature he supported West Forsyth which reached up to the semifinals during his involvement. After few months he was enlisted as a point guard and joined the Wake Forest to present himself as a coach in his final year. Disastrously, a day late signing the agreement with the alliance, he got the news that his grandfather was found dead as some teenagers robbed and beat him while he was receiving the victuals from his car. After completing his high school he was asserted for the draft and was selected by NBA draft in the year 2005 organized by New Orleans Hornets. Since then he is associated with NBA alliance playing as a point guard from Los Angeles Clippers and recently he decided to stick with clippers for next five years signing as agreement, worth $107.3 million.

The exceptional athlete Paul is the well-known NBA players whose tremendous talent and skills led him to achieve NBA Rookie of the Year in 2006. He was honored with the title an All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP) and All- Defensive team. He was thriving in Olympic Games receiving two gold medals representing his country playing under state team. Besides playing basketball, Paul is a bowling freak and he holds the Professional Bowlers Association. He has been involved in various events based on bowling and profits were declared to furnish for victim of Hurricane Katrina and other charitable trust.

Talking about Paul’s personal life, he is 28 now and living a happy life with his wife Jada Crawley and their two children Christopher Emmanuel Paul II and Camryan Alexis Paul. Paul got married to Jada on September 10, 2011 as they were dating each other since they were in West Forest. Paul has good source of income and having a superior time in a mansion located at Bel Air, Los Angeles which cost $8.5 million and was sold by Avril Lavigne.

The perseverance towards his work made Paul worth what he is today grabbing a huge amount of $16.3 million in terms of his salary per year and extra income of $ 4 million per year from the endorsement deals made with Nike and sports drinks. He has earned around 60 million completing his seven years associating with NBA.