An analyst of sports, Chris Broussard, is the host of the NBA for the ESPN. He is also one active columnist of the network’s best-seller ESPN Magazine. He is a well-known for his appearances on the famed NBA fastbreak, where he is an analyst and co-host.  A versatile columnist and host, Broussard is the current lead Tv-analyst for the ongoing NBA playoffs on the ESPN network. As a host, he is mainly active in the coverage of the “NBA fastbreak” show and has equally contributed in the coverage of “First Take” where he is seen debating the topics for the relative sports. Born on 28th of October, 1968, Broussard was also the studio host and insider to pregame as well as the halftime shows of the ABC’s “NBA Countdown” feature.

At the first quarter of his career, Broussard had his debut job of his career as a sports writer for ‘The Plain Dealer’, a local magazine of Cleaveland, Ohio. He was active in his stay there four years before he made a move in favour of the ‘Akron Beacon Journal’. After completing his graduation from the Oberlin College of Ohio with a B.A degree in English, he decided to spend near about three seasons with the magazine while being active beat writer in the coverage of the NBA for them. He then joined The New York Times where he worked and flourished as a writer and analyst of sports. The aspiration to achieve great success had him staying active for the magazine for six long years where he was able to cover the ‘New Jersey Nets’, New York Knicks and the feature of NBA. It, like other jobs he took, did last long enough for him to get noticed as one of the most versatile people active in sports reporting. He, as playing as a point guard for his college’s basketball team, had a very keen interest on the sport and who better could understand this than the giants behind the coverage of NBA, ESPN network. It was in the year 2004 that Broussard was asked to join with the ESPN magazine and then his writing addiction took over. A profound writer like Broussard was all they needed and it was not long that he got his appearance on TV-feature of ESPN as NBA analyst and insider. Not only this he was also an active panelist on the ‘First Take’ alongside Skip Bayless where he debates some impressive sports issues.

A picture perfect professional life is what is represented by Broussard’s career. And how can his personal one not be the same. He along with his wife, Crystal, currently married, and two lovely twin daughters, now reside in South Orange of New Jersey. The ethnicity and gay topics have always been the hurdles for him as the latter one got him fired for making personal but criticizing remarks on the NBA’s Jason Collins who accepted being a homosexual. This inspirational man has no citings of his height in any of his bios. A later interview had him claim his remarks being personal and related to Christianity.

A teenager with an unseen and unmatched passion for basketball that took him some considerable heights of success that he could ever have dreamed for is Chris Broussard. The fulfillment of the dream of life came as he could cover the moments of the NBA which was the finest moment of his career By that Johnson now seen as one of the greats in the field of sport coverage and his salary does not fluctuate as per ESPN. His bio can be searched in wiki and other relative sites and he mostly active in twitter.