Surviving the cold, preying on wild animals & trying best not to get devoured on, that’s what the Hailstones do every day.

Sounds more like an adventure movie, but, that’s how Chip Hailstone has earned a living all these years. 

Among the six families whose lifestyle have been documented in the National Geographic reality TV series, Life Below Zero, the Hailstone family is one of them.  

MyHowBook will today take a look at the net worth of a member of the Hailstone family.

Edward “Chip” Hailstone was born to parents, Daniel Franklin Hailstone and Mary Lois Hailstone in 1969 in Kalispell.

As an amateur, he had learned the skills of hunting and fishing while growing up in his hometown.

At 19, his short visit to Alaska resulted in booking a permanent residence in Noorvik, a small city holding about 700 inhabitants.

His stay there resulted in a hunting collaboration with a native hunter, Agnes Hailstone, who is now his wife.

For practicing the primitive living in the modern era, Chip’s life got featured in National Geographic’s ‘Life Below Zero.’

Apart from feeding on their hunt, they utilize the non-edible parts by turning them into tradeable arts and crafts.

Even though they root up the tents in the snow from one place to another to track down their best hunts, they primarily reside near Noorvik’s Kobuk River

Though Chip believes in the barter system, he has successfully garnered a net worth of $100 thousand from his overall career.