An American-born actor,Charlie Carver is famously known for his ideal role of Porter Scavo in Desperate Housewives, An ABC television series. His raw and natural acting skill fetched the fame and recognision he carved for since the early age of his childhood. He celebrated his birthday on the 31st of July, just before seven minutes prior to his twin brother who also happens to be an actor, Max Carver. He stepped foot on the field of acting while residing in San Francisco, where he got the name Charlie Martensen for his professional work. Born to Robert Martensen and Anne Carver, an author of medical research and community activist respectively, Carver had full support from his family for they wanted him to relish his skill further for the world to witness.

Digging into his career, Carver was an unofficial debutant as an eigth-grade student when he got the oppourtunity to play Puck for A Midsummer Night’s Dream of Shakespeare who was the one fairy trickster. But his role in Desperate Housewives of the ABC television series is the one that really got him a recognition in the industry. He played the series along with his twin brother, Porter and Preston, the Scavos respectively who are the sons of Doug Savant and Felicity Huffman. The foundations to his acting career were set by “The American Conservatory Theater” of San Francisco, where he studied acting. He was nominated for his outstanding performance in comedy by an Ensemble on the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Charlie has now played two movies which are to hit the theatres in 2013: Underdogs and Restless Virgins with Vanessa Marano where he has depicted his raw talent as for the directors. People are said to love what Charlie has to offer in the movies and nobody will leave unimpressed by his performance. According to Carver, it was all in a day’s work and was a very new and different experience for him and he has given his best for the audience to admire.

Digging into his personal life, An American nationality with a 5’ 10’’ height this half twin brother is very reserved about his private life and doesn’t talk it in media and public. But we can say Charlie Carver currently is focused on his professional career rather than his personal life. There is much rumors about his girlfriend but nobody knows who or what she does. He has happy life with his brother and parents that he does not want to engage in any relations for now. He wants to achieve great success and wants to avoid any distractions in the path he is moving on. He says the divorce of his parents has well caused hurdles to his career and similar consequences can appear in future so no relations yet for him. He says he loves to take a breather once in a while and baseball is his favourite sport for a hobby and loves to watch a ball-game every time he gets a break. His brother accompanies him to the game and it is normal for the crowd to get excited to see the star twins watching a game with them.

Charlie has come a long way to achieve success. This down-to-earth guy has had the awards and nominations on many different occasions and stages of his career. He wants the world to either love what you do or do what you love as he takes his acting career as the first love of his life. He can be searched for his bio in wiki and other sites. Also he can be followed on twitter, facebook, and instagram where he is seen active.