One of the best known cornerbacks in history of the American Football, Roland "Champ" Bailey, formally known as Champ Bailey for his exceptional talent, is an American-born cornerback who currently plays for the New Orleans Saints in the National Football League commonly known as NFL. He was seen interested in the sport from his early childhood age as he played college-level football for and in the University of Georgia and was able to grab all known American honors. With a fit body and a powerful presence in the field, it proved rather difficult for opponents to get past this cornerback and a point was seldom lost by him in any game he played.

A sneak-peak into his extraordinary career reveals that Bailey had a passion unlike others for the game. He is considered inspirational by many of the younger players as he plays the part of the guardian for the team. His talent and the love for the sport soon landed him in the NFL as he was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the very first round of the draft. He did not stop there as in the year 2004, he was an asked-for player and the Redskins made a trade with the Denver Broncos where he got to play in the prestigious Super Bowl XLVIII and he did not fall short to leave a mark in the competition. He was seeked by many giants of the American football but a willing contract with the New Orleans Saints was made and he currently plays for the team with all his heart. The raw power of this cornerback has earned him the Selections to 12 Pro Bowls which today is the most for any cornerback and would seem fair to call him as one the best in the sport. The Georgia Bulldogs Football named him the greatest threat for all the teams either be defensive, offensive or specials teams, he took on the teams without any hesitation. Being a player was not enough for Roland as he was an athlete who stood out above all else. Bailey ran in the the 55 meters and 60 meters events, and has recorded personal best timings which include 6.35 seconds and 6.85 seconds, respectively. Also he did not lack behind in competing in long jumps as well as triple jumps. This is not all, Bailey has a school record in the school long jump which he grabbed in the year 1998. From his achievements it is clear that he was born to be an athlete and not otherwise.

Bailey is as clear as the water when it comes to his personal life. He is said to have an earthed behavior whilst having the raw power to play American football and hates to boast around about the sport. He has a two children with his wife-cum-girlfriend Hanady Bailey who he has had divorce with nearly three years ago. He has a son and toddler-daughter who the divorced couple take care following joint custody. About his salary, the estimated total earnings of his career till today is around 108.5 million which includes all his drafts and his rookie deal of about five years. He is the older brother to former NFL player Boss Bailey and his cousin Kenny played for Georgia alongside him.

Champ has come a long way to achieve success. This ever-helpful guy has had the awards rightly to his name on many different Bowls and stages of his career. He wants the world to follow your passion because you have to either love what you do or do what you love. He can be searched for his bio in wiki and other sites. Also he can be followed on twitter, facebook, and instragram where he is seen active.